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Strategic Framework for Self-Driving Vehicles to Inform Next U.S. President

I welcome the arrival of the National Strategic Framework to AdvanceLife-Saving Self-Driving Vehicles. It genially describes the complex path and offers a roadmap to navigate the political, technological and social barriers that could hinder successful implementation
I can also observe that, it specifically identifies eight major issues including changing public perception and redefining and aligning government policies to accommodate self-driving vehicle design and production.

The critical need to advance self-driving vehicles as a life-saving technology

It is increasingly encouraging to see that, self-driving vehicles are seen as a life-saving technology, and that exceptional initiatives are engaged to dramatically reduce traffic crashes that kill more than 30,000 people in the United States annually.
In effect, advanced technological transportation solutions emerge across the world to save thousands of lives every year, and governments should develop national frameworks and regulate this momentum across the countries.