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Machine-to-machine (M2M) Management Platform: realities and recommendations.

In our data-driven world with the mobile as a meet point when it comes to the new IT Convergence, it is clear and obvious that, mobile operators and wireless network services providers meet and will face higher bandwidth needs.
This means inter alia that, they need a highly scalable infrastructure, to seamlessly meet and cope with the growing bandwidth needs of 3G ,4G and LTE Advanced devices. Therefore,when it comes to Machine-to-machine (M2M) Management Platform,, soon #Retinknow recommends inter alia:

A single interface for comprehensive and global control of M2M applications and devices across cellular and satellite networks;
Robust infrastructure updates to support big data analytics and reporting;
Comprehensive analytics that can help optimize the operational efficiency of their connected devices;
Platform that can process and analyze large volumes of machine-generated big data;
A highly scalable, flexible, and agile infrastructure;
Enhanced threshold monitoring for…

IBM and Intel New Security Features to the Cloud: realities, stakes and recommendations.

More and more organizations move sensitive and mission-critical operations and data to the cloud. This means inter alia that they need : cloud environments with the same, if not greater levels of security as on-premise technology environments.
‘’Monitoring and security down to the microchip level’’!, exciting like approach to meet security challenges in our ever changing environment with sophisticated attacks targeting digital assets., soon #Retinknow, salutes the new commitment of IBM via SoftLayer (its global cloud platform) to offer ‘’bare metal’’ servers powered by Intel® Cloud Technology that can provide monitoring and security down to the microchip level. 
In fact, Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) which provides hardware monitoring and security controls , help henceforth assure businesses that a workload from a known location on SoftLayer infrastructure is running on trusted hardware., soon #Retinknow always recommends seamless…

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning suite tailored to manufacturing applications: recommendations and solution.

Manufacturers also can harness in real-time the flexibility generated by the Cloud-based services and technologies. When it comes to Cloud-based enterprise resource planning suite tailored tomanufacturing applications,, soon #Retinknow recommends inter alia:
Simplest , scalable, seamless way to implement an Enterprise ERP Solution ;
A simple per-user fee;
End-to-end data protection mechanism (encryption);
Daily onsite backups;
Data loss prevention capabilities;
Data replication capabilities.
For those looking for a complete cloud solution,, soon #Retinknow flexible, scalable, agile, seamless and secure solution capable to host all of your applications in one place.

Cloud-based Enterprise large file transfer platforms: Signiant paves its way with Media Shuttle and Signiant SkyDrop.

The competition within this vertical is more and more aggressive with some major actors (excluding Japan and China) like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. This reality is fed and powered by the flexibility, scalability, and agility provided by the cloud computing technologies and architectures., soon #Retinknow salutes the new commitment of Signiant, via Media Shuttle (sending and sharing large files) and Signiant SkyDrop(movement of large files into and out of cloud storage). 
This company works to transform the way enterprises: move, manage and store large, high-value digital assets: separate the software that controls file transfers (the control plane) from the software that performs file transfers (the data plane)., soon #Retinknow can observe that the objective is to separate tasks that are best done in hardware (such as fast packet switching) from tasks that are better done in software (like routing control and quality of service manage…

Small cell solutions: realities, applications, recommendations and solution.

With the increasing aggressive realities of the new IT Convergence, it is clear that, the use of LTE services within enterprises and public spaces will accelerate its pace.
This means mobile carriers should focus on : robust, secure, flexible, scalable and innovative, multi-operator small cell system capable to eliminate inter alia in real-time: inter-cell interference issues, aberrations; improve user experience and to simplify deployments., soon #Retinknow® encourages the new momentum at Airvana who utilizes henceforth Freescale QorIQ Qonverge SoCs with the goal to: ·deliver an innovative, multi-operator small cell system; ·Support LTE-Advanced technologies and emerging enterprise and operator requirements. In fact,, soon #Retinknow® observes that the combination of Freescale’s QorIQ QonvergeB4860 and BSC9131 baseband SoCs aims to power its OneCellTM system. 
The OneCell solution can utilize a Baseband Controller and multiple Radio Points for consist…

#Retinknow Cyber Awareness System: Security Updates for Flash Player and Air and Security updates for Microsoft products.

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls as part of our Cyber Awareness System initiative that, Adobe has released new security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player and Air for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system.

Therefore users and administrators are encouraged to review Adobe Security Bulletin APSB14-21 and apply the necessary updates. When it comes to Microsoft, the company has released updates to address vulnerabilities in Windows, .NET Framework, Internet Explorer and Lync Server as part of the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for September 2014. Some of these vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution, elevation of privilege, or denial of service., soon #Retinknow encourages users and administrators to review the bulletin and apply the necessary updates.

A voice communication startup, a search engine for nomadic workers and a software solutions provider for the farming industry.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world. You can also fund your business. Cord Project,( Founded in April 2014, a voice communication startup based in Brooklyn, NY), has raised $1.8 million in seed funding from Metamorphic Ventures and Lerer Hippeau Ventureswith participation from Google Ventures, Greycroft, Carmelo Anthony'sMelo7 Tech Partners, and angel investors including Dave Morin and Stuart Goldfarb, soon #Retinknow recalls that, Cord Project is building a messaging app that allows users to send voice messages up to 12 seconds each as an alternative to text messaging. Cord Project has launched an iOS app and is planning to release and Android version later this year.
Teleport, (Founded in 2014, a search engine for nomadic workers), has raised $2.5 million in seed funding from Andreessen Horowi…