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Mobile Security and the Bring Your Own Device policy: market, challenges, key vendors, drivers and more.

Our mobile-driven world is more and more marked by the requirements of performance and productivity, privacy and security, sophisticated and targeted cyberattacks.
For the requirements of performance and productivity for instance, one can observe the increased adoption of the Bring Your Own Device policy. 
In fact a growing number of enterprises are adopting the BYOD concept, by implementing the BYOD policy, that helps enterprises inter alia, reduce expenditure on communication devices. 
When it comes to Mobile Security, observes that the high adoption of advanced mobile devices drives the growth of the Global Mobile Security market. The number of unit shipments of smartphones, and tablets, has increased significantly. However the risk of the obsolescence of security solutions remains one of the major challenges.
End-users are reluctant to invest in mobile security solutions susceptible to quickly become outdated because of the entry of new and more advanced security th…

Ransomware campaigns, Scam Targeting Businesses and Security Updates for Chrome.

Image reminds that, the FBI has released an article addressing ransomware campaigns that use intimidating messages claiming to be from the FBI or other government agencies. Scam operators use ransomware, a type of malicious software, to infect a computer and restrict access to it until a ransom is paid to unlock it. Users and administrators are encouraged to review the FBI article "Ransomware on the Rise" for details and refer to -Alert TA-295A for information on Crypto Ransomware.
Google has released Chrome 40.0.2214.91 for Windows, Mac, and Linux to address multiple vulnerabilities. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to cause a denial of service condition or obtain personal information. encourages users and administrators to review the Google Chrome blog entry and apply the necessary updates.
When it comes to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), they have released an alert, warning companies of a sophisticate…

A digital meetings assistant for professionals who host or attend business meetings.

For the requirements of performance and productivity, nowadays, professionals need relevant and flexible, seamless and secure, scalable and actionable data, technologies and solutions anywhere and anytime. 
Lowdown forMeetingsby Lowdownapp Ltd designed with people and companies in mind, Lowdown for Meetings is positioned as a digital meetings assistant for professionals who host or attend business meetings. can observe that, Lowdown for Meetings can help professionals prepare for business meetings, be on time, know who they’re meeting, where they’re meeting, when they should leave and how to get there, as well as delivering useful company information.
Lowdown Premium is free and feature like HERE, can tell people where you are and tell people you've arrived.