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11 startups Concepts in Asia,that might inspired you.

Asia is one of the amazing and wonderful regions of the world, where people are determinate to bring solutions to the problems around them by harnessing the power of the web. Among the wonderful concepts that we can meet in this region, we have: Dreamdays : helps users remember and be alerted of dates and events that matter to them most. This

Google Now is now available on iPhone and iPad: introduction.

As part of the updated Google Search app , Google Now is now available on iPhone and iPad. This also means: Get weather and traffic conditions before you start your day and Get updates on your favorite sports teams , breaking news stories as they happen and the right information at just the right time.
Note: To use Google Now on your iPhone or iPad, get the Google.

Poster, a WordPress blog editor updated in version 2.1.

With Poster, you can more or less easily and quickly post to and manage your WordPress blog.
It includes major features like: Full support for WordPress blogs, create, publish, and edit posts with a custom post type, Dropbox integration and preview Markdown formatted posts and automatically convert Markdown to HTML when

iOS App: Square Register , now updated in version 3.0.

With your free card reader, you can accept card, cash, and Square Wallet payments; Send receipts via text message or email, Add items to a sale by tapping or searching, Customize items with photos, names, and price, Manage your business online from your Square dashboard, Access real-time sales data in the app, See what’s selling and when with sales analytics Create a free profile in the

Kinsa Smart Thermometer: can tell you, your temperature, your illnesses... via your iPhone.

This project leads by Kinsa team is available on Indiegogo looking for backers. Kinsa develops products products which aim to help you keep your family healthier and help doctors to make more or less the good diagnose. Therefore a device like a Smarter Thermometer (thin, elegant, and comfortable) brings on your hands your temperature, but can also

Prime Instant Video content is now included for Amazon Prime members.

This announcement for Amazon Prime members means that:
Prime Instant VidFREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of itemsNo minimum order size

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 dévoilé : ce qui se cache en dessous.

La division mobile de Samsung va donc incessamment dévoilement sur dévoilement et annonce sur annonce. Une tendance qui justifie sa bonne croissance. Cette fois-ci il s’agit de sa nouvelle tablette : la Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Rien de surprenant, en effet comme prédit par Connectikpeople, la tablette surface 7, ce qui veut plus ou moins mini tablette et caractéristiques acceptables. La Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 intègre un écran 7 pouces pour une

Le code source des Google Glass disponible en téléchargement : comprendre les enjeux.

Avec l’arrivée des Google Glass, beaucoup de polémiques et d’interrogations avaient fait surface. S’agissant de la vie privée, leur efficacité et l’impact sur la santé. Les uns et les ce sont donc normalement interrogés sur l’impact d’un tel gadget sur la santé des yeux, son efficacité, sa fiabilité, sa nécessité et la façon dont ces lunettes interagissent avec leurs utilisateurs. Quoiqu’il en soit il existe des points d’ombre et de lumière avec lesquelles ses utilisateurs devront jongler. Pour l’instant seuls les développeurs triés au volet possèdentdes Google Glass. Plusieurs parmi ces développeurs c’est à dire deux sont parvenus à ôter un certain

Piriform brings you CCleaner in version 4.01.

Henceforth available, this new release includes improvements to browser support, optimizes Windows 8, File Finder and System. Therefore global changes include: Improved History cleaning for Google Chrome; Improved compatibility with Firefox v19 and newer; Optimized Registry cleaning algorithm for Windows 8 ; Improved Internet Explorer 10

PayPal bans GT Guard and all the company’s funds have been frozen.

PayPal continues its war against BitTorrent sites, Usenet Propviders and file-sharing sites. Henceforth GT Guard has joined the list. This means PayPal has stopped providing service to the Germany based VPN provider. In addition, all the company’s funds have been frozen. 

For those who unfamiliar, GT Guard targets BitTorrent users who use the VPN and proxy service to

Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S3 et Galaxy s4 : Chiffres, enjeux et Projections.

Plus qu’avant la division mobile du groupe Samsung se porte à merveille. Une croissance et une bonne santé portée surtout par le Samsung GalaxyS3. En fin avril 2013, la Galaxy S3 a battu tous les records avec plus de 50 millions de terminaux écoulés dans le monde.  Alors que le concurrent direct Apple avec l’iPhone ne se situe qu’au 1/3 de des 50