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11 startups Concepts in Asia,that might inspired you.

Google Now is now available on iPhone and iPad: introduction.

Poster, a WordPress blog editor updated in version 2.1.

iOS App: Square Register , now updated in version 3.0.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer: can tell you, your temperature, your illnesses... via your iPhone.

Prime Instant Video content is now included for Amazon Prime members.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 dévoilé : ce qui se cache en dessous.

Le code source des Google Glass disponible en téléchargement : comprendre les enjeux.

Piriform brings you CCleaner in version 4.01.

PayPal bans GT Guard and all the company’s funds have been frozen.

Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S3 et Galaxy s4 : Chiffres, enjeux et Projections.