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Dell’s cloud-enabled image management and archival services and lifeIMAGE’s medical image aside Aspen Valley Hospital (AVH).

We talk about an end-to-end solution featuring Dell’s cloud-enabled image management and archival services and lifeIMAGE’s medical image and information-sharing capabilities to reduce costs and improve patient/physician satisfaction. In clear the aim here is to enables caregivers to reduce the number of repeat scans, eliminate silos of data, cut costs and improve care. Based on the reality that, the hospital radiology staff was spending hours each day burning images to CD and mailing/tracking overnight packages, which sometimes arrived late or broken, and patients may be exposed to harmful, costly and unnecessary repeat exams, simply because their images cannot be transferred electronically, the addition of lifeIMAGE’s image and information-sharing capabilitiesappears like a

Prevent disruptions in voice and data communications services: IBM and Marist College are testing a new cloud computing.

Here we talk about a new cloud computing innovation that could help prevent disruptions in voice and data communications services caused by natural disasters. This innovative project captured by Connectikpeople is led by IBM and Marist College. Which is exciting and encouraging in this cloud computing disaster prevention inventionis its capacity to turn re-provisioning time from days to minutes. This means, a data center operator could quickly and simply move data and applications to another data center outside the danger zone in minutes, from a remote location using a tablet or

Dear professionals interested by the 3D printing! Meet 3D Builder a free app for Windows 8.1.

Henceforth available here, this app is billed as the best place to view, prepare, and print your 3D models on Windows 8.1-ready 3D printers.
Connectikpeople can observe that, the 3D Builder aims to be a fun, easy to use, free app that helps you turn bits into atoms and explore the world of 3D printing. Among the tools Connectikpeople has captured a library of example 3D objects to get

Startups fundings: Shake, Locality and CoachUp can now expand their activities.

As usual, for those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople can recall that, fundraising is often needed to scale the company and generate exponential growth. This rubric also aims to help organizations, governments and techpreneurs, to knock the right door when they are looking for funds.
In this dynamic, Shake(Founded in 2012, New York-based legal agreement platform), has raised $3 million in a Series A round led by SoftBank Capital with participation from existing investor RRE Ventures and new investors BoxGroup, ENIAC Ventures, Mesa+, WGI Group, and Patrick Keane. For those who unfamiliar, Shake allows users to create, sign, and send legally binding agreements from their phones through its mobile app, aiming to simplify the legal agreement process. Shake first launched for

By deploying SAP Cloud for Sales Solution, ContiTech aims to engage its Customer: here is how!

We talk about data and insights that can empower sales team to connect with customers anywhere, anytime, on any device and deliver a differentiated experience. For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that, the CBG business unit of ContiTech concentrates on conveyor-belt technology solutions and advises customers all over the world; therefore must be able to connect to back-office applications via mobile devices for example. Based on this reality, and others, the company harnesses flexible cloud solution to which it can link seamlessly and extend its existing processes, platforms

Dear professionals have you ever heard about HP Optimost, here is how it helps

By deploying this solution,, has one thing in mind: enhance its online customer experience and increase conversion rates.
Henceforth, with HP Optimost,, the U.K. energy supplier comparison website, can improve its customer journey and

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013: Connectikpeople talks about the Toyota FCV ConceptWorld Premiere.

During this show, Connectikpeople has captured amazing concepts which can seduce many among you. The Toyota FCV Concept has seduce out team, who notice that the Toyota FCV Concept aim to be a practical concept of the fuel cell vehicle Toyota plans to launch around 2015 as a pioneer in the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles. As features we have captured:

Pour les producteurs de café à travers le monde, La pompe à vide sèche GXS Edwards peut être une solution solide.

Initialement elle est conçue pour apporter des performances, avantages environnementaux et économiques. En effet, les pompesEdwards GXS 450/4200 sont utilisées dans le cadre de la lyophilisation. Ces pompes sèches à vis GXS Edwards peuvent résister aux acides libérés lors du processus de lyophilisation, et, grâce à l'accessoire optionnel de rinçage du solvant, elles ne requièrent pas de changement périodique d'huile ni de réparation

For the organizations HP Autonomy unveiled HP Data Protector 8.1

We talk about Data Protection with New Adaptive Backup and Recovery Technologies. Billed as the industry's first adaptive, dynamic and self-aware backup and recovery software solution, the new solution aims to upend the traditional backup and recovery model by delivering an approach that dramatically improves business resiliency, continuity and uptime. Connectikpeople observed that, HP Data Protector 8.1 leverages real-time operational analytics and can define business requirements to intelligently monitor, adapt and optimize how an organization manages its storage infrastructure, resources and data

Here is why China Mobile Selects HP to Power Search for Key Wireless City Initiative.

We talk about strategic Wireless City initiative at world’s largest telecom provider. The goal here is to allow users to access information on thousands of public services directly from their mobile phones.
Therefore China Mobile Limited, the leading mobile services provider in Mainland China, has selected HP Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) to power the search capability of its strategic Wireless City platform. This also means, with the integration of HP IDOL’s search technology, Wireless City users can search through more than 8,000 applications for public service information, public services, like public transportation schedules, public health records and traffic

According to IBM, More than half of midmarket companies lack an integrated digital strategy.

We talk about an IBM global study of C-Suite leaders which uncovers what IBM calls a surprising fact about small and midsize companies: ‘’they may not be as digitally savvy as they'd like’’.    Among the survey's top findings captured by Connectikpeople, we have: 65% of the midmarket C-Suite business executives recognized that the lack of a cohesive social media plan is the biggest barrier to doing more in the digital space.More than half of respondents also cite the need to better understand how social media fits with other operational priorities, and how to measure its return on

Google announces Project Link, an initiative to build a super-fast, high-capacity fiber network in Africa, Uganda.

Based on the reality that about 16% of people are connected to the Internet in Africa, the fact that for the nearly 3 million people living in and around Kampala, the Internet hasn’t been as fast and available as it could be, therefore today, Google launched Project Link, an initiative to build a super-fast, high-capacity fiber network to enable any local mobile operator or Internet service provider (ISP) to connect more people in Kampala to a