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The Artificial Intelligence (AI) within commercial enterprises and in our digital age.

It is more and more exciting to observe that, Artificial Intelligence technologies are gently penetrating a wide range of Enterprise Applications, and that AI technology like Google’s self-driving cars is forcing growing number of player in the industry worldwide to consider strategies for including AI in their products.
AI technologies being evaluated and deployed are diverse and areas include: cognitive computing, machine learning, deep learning, predictive application programming interfaces (APIs), natural language processing, image recognition, and speech recognition. 
According to a recent report from Tractica ,cumulative revenue for the sector will total $43.5 billion worldwide from 2015 through 2024 and the largest application markets for AI will be advertising and media, financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas, and retail. 
In fact, recalls that, all of these industries work with complex systems and large data sets where companies are finding strong retu…

Schema-agnostic Enterprise NoSQL platforms in our data-driven age.

For many, semantics into the database is a game-changer when it comes to build next generation knowledge bases and solutions that will drive knowledge worker productivity and enterprise value. talks about agile and trusted Enterprise database platform that can enable organizations to turn all data into valuable and actionable information; Linking and relating unstructured information with the structured data; driving rapid data integration by inter alia : pulling data from various silos and incorporating all data into one platform for a comprehensive view of information. 
New MarkLogic® Semantics features in MarkLogic® 8+ can help operationalize heterogeneous data, mitigate risk and also help make it easier and faster for developers to integrate data and build smarter applications.

Critical vulnerability in LiveCycle Data Services versions 4.7, 4.6.2, 4.5, and 3.0.x.

Image recalls that, Adobe has released a security update to address a vulnerability in LiveCycle Data Services versions 4.7, 4.6.2, 4.5, and 3.0.x. 

Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to obtain sensitive information from an affected system.

Therefore, recommends that users and administrators review Adobe Security Bulletin APSB15-20 and apply the necessary updates.

SaaS-based performance monitoring platform to manage on-premise, hybrid and cloud IT and application infrastructures.

Performance data with built-in and fully-customizable visualization, forecasting, alerting, and reporting analytics are henceforth indispensable in our digital age like aggregated performance information on critical infrastructure, systems and applications.
The dynamic behind LogicMonitor(automated end-to-end infrastructure performance monitoring solution), is encouraging.
Henceforth, the addition of Executive Dashboards to its SaaS platform can provide CIOs and CTOs with dashboard of the overall health and performance of their critical IT infrastructure. 
Meaning they can now inter alia: easily view aggregated performance information on critical infrastructure and applications; quickly assess and act on critical performance information.

SaaS-based OpenStack solution in our Cloud age.

Exciting streamlined approaches and technologies emerge and are more and more compelling when it comes to make private clouds easy for organizations of any scale.
A set of SaaS-based OpenStack solutions drive henceforth this momentum with the goal to transform organization's existing servers into an agile, scalable and self-service private cloud; leveraging inter alia: the latest open source innovations. encourages this dynamic and salutes Platform9's mission to make private clouds easy for organizations of any scale.