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Defend against ad blocking technologies that remove or alter advertising content.

Ad blocking technologies ramp up and are threatening the quality of online content and Media companies and other inbound content marketers that have worked hard to establish online advertising models that generate revenue for their content without degrading the experience of their readers and subscribers.
Henceforth, Yottaa Platform Helps Companies toDetect and Circumvent Ad Blocking Technologies. observes that, Yottaa’s ContextAgentTM and AppSequencingTM solutions enable media and content-driven companies to combat ad blockers by providing them the ability to: Detect ad blocking technologies installed on the end user’s browser Circumvent the blocking technology to maximize advertising potential while ensuring that every page loads quickly and completely Empower site owners to determine which ads should be permitted and which should be blocked Sequence every web asset to ensure a fast, consistent experience free from gaps and errors.

The Open JSON Application Interface (OJAITM) in our big data-driven age.

Seamless, scalable, secure, flexible and unified interface to work with big data is now indispensable when it comes to streamline each experience and deeply enable organizations and data-centric enterprises to capture and analyze complex data types.
MapR-DB supports henceforth the Open JSON Application Interface (OJAITM), which is designed to be a general purpose JSON access layer across databases, file systems, and message streams, enabling a flexible and unified interface to work with big data. 
At MapR Technologies, Inc., the addition of native JSON capabilities into the MapR-DB in-Hadoop NoSQL database with the OJAI interface can enable organizations to capture and analyze complex data types generated by the Internet of Things and the new generation of big data applications.

The addition of native JSON capabilities into the MapR-DB in-Hadoop NoSQL database.

Web-scale enterprise storage and real-time database capabilities and continuous analytics on real-time data are henceforth indispensable in our data-driven age, like the holistic ability to eliminate data silos, and lowering the TCO of data management. 
Faster time-to-value as letting developers quickly stand up more business applications on more data types and sources are also a game-changer.
MapR Technologies, Inc., announces the addition of native JSON support to MapR-DB, the NoSQL database. salutes this momentum that can bring peace in minds when it comes to help developers to quickly deliver scalable applications that also leverage continuous analytics on real-time data. 
Developers benefit from the advantages of a document database combined with the scale, reliability and integrated analytics of enterprise-grade Hadoop and Spark. 
To help developers experiment and experience MapR-DB, a developer preview with sample code is available for download.

Enable enterprises to efficiently support all analytics use cases on a single Hadoop cluster.

The problem of data warehouse augmentation in our data-driven age is major preoccupation that requires streamlined and holistic methodologies and systems that are flexible, scalable, agile, productive, and cost-effective.
Hadoop for instance offers a cost-effective alternative as a repository of data that extends and augments traditional data warehouses. 
However,augmenting data warehouses with Hadoop presents a number of challenges such as data ingestion, incremental synchronization, concurrent interactive access, data retention and security management, lack of skilled resources and more.
The launch of Dynamic Data Warehousing (DDW) platform can change the way the enterprise works with Hadoop. The DDW platform can: Automatically crawls enterprise databases Automatically ingests data into Hadoop and keeps it continuously synchronized Organize the data into flexible, high performance data warehouses, cubes and other data models to support a multitude of enterprise use-…

Nearly $1.014B for the internet-based services last week.

Web and mobile technologies to CAD; payable and on-demand invoice management; personal transportation service, and web performance and security drove the excitements last week combining respectively more than $600M in total funding. Overall recalls: $50M / Series C for Compass; an online marketplace for people to rent, buy, and sell apartments the company is henceforth valued at $800M. Investors include:Kenneth Chenault, Marc Benioff, 406 Ventures and more. $225M / Series E for AvidXchange that provides accounts payable and on-demand invoice management solutions. The new funding will be used to hire staff, make acquisitions, and develop new product technologies. Investors include:Bain Capital Ventures, Keybank, Foundry Group and others. $225M / Series F for Ola; a personal transportation service that lets users hail cabs through a mobile app. Investors include:

Address dataflow challenges in our data-driven age.

Data-centric enterprises and organizations need streamlined approaches and tools when it comes to ingest and unlock actionable insights from the vast amounts of data generated anywhere and anytime. On you have endless possibilities to master this reality. 
For those who are not familiar, recalls that, Apache NiFi is a top-level open source project that can make it easy to automate and secure all types of data flows and collect, conduct and curate real-time business insights and actions derived from any data, from anything, anywhere.
Apache NiFi is based on technology previously called “Niagara Files” and was made available to the Apache Software Foundation through the NSA Technology Transfer Program. Endless use cases include: Big Data Ingest: Offers a simple, reliable and secure way to collect data streams.IoAT Optimization: Allows organizations to overcome real world constraints such as limited or expensive bandwidth while ensuring d…