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Encouraging Realities surrounding third party payer such as PayPal or Google Wallet.

The way we pay, and we purchase online or in-store, dramatically evolve, and people are more and more invaded by various third party payer such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Alipay or Google Wallet.
Beyond numerous retail breaches, people are more and more comfortable with these third party payment providers, that make the online shopping experience, easier.
When it comes to security, people believe that, ‘lock icon’ is a sign that their online transactions are kept secure. Consumers more and more, check the URL to see if the page is using SSL.
Consumers believe that using a wired Internet connection instead of wireless will make online payments more secure. Consumers believe paying by credit card is the safest way to pay online. 
Based on this encouraging group of realities, we encourage you to remain vigilant, to review credit card statements carefully, because the security of a retail website is not immediately apparent.

New BlackBerry Classic can help you stay organized and productive.

As a professional you certainly need, the combination of : smart-entertainment, simplicity, privacy, productivity, performance and security.
BlackBerry Classic can inspire you with its ability to manage all your conversations (email, text, BBM™, phone calls, social media and more). Can allow you to quickly organize and action your inbox; can help you stay organized.
BlackBerry® Assistant allows you to manage your email, contacts, calendar and other BlackBerry 10 features through voice and text commands. 
You can preview incoming BBM, text and email messages from within any app on your BlackBerry Classic.
For your productivity, the following apps are available: BlackBerry Hub, BlackBerry Assistant, Calendar, Contacts, Browser, Text Messaging, Clock, Calculator, Documents To Go, File Manager, Box, Dropbox, Adobe Reader, Remember (memos/tasks combo), Evernote, BlackBerry Blend, Password Keeper
BBM, BlackBerry World, Amazon Appstore, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, YouTube, Weather, Ma…

Integrate virtually any Cloud and/or on-site storage system with multiple Autodesk platforms and more.

To deal with the growing consumption and proliferation of data, henceforth, enterprises and professionals need, inter alia, seamless and strategic alliances.
The ability to distribute data faster and more efficiently is critical, thank to SkySync, who now, allowsAutodesk users to integrate virtually any Cloud and/or on-site storage system with multiple Autodesk platforms. 
If unfamiliar, we remind that, Portal Architects, the creators of SkySync, can streamline cloud adoption; can make it simple to migrate on-site system files and their associated data across platforms or create synchronized hybrid storage scenarios.

The world of Bitcoin (virtual currencies) for the upcoming years.

We are always at the early stage, when it comes to virtual currency widely acknowledged under the Bitcoin name. This emerging technology aims to redefine financial and commercial paradigms in our digital-driven world. 
Testaments, expectations, announcements, technologies, software, hardware, tools, and companies related to this trend are more and more exciting. Henceforth, you are able to download your bitcoin wallet, purchase bitcoin, demo mining hardware, get a bitcoin exchange account, learn about online security, and meet the leading companies in Bitcoin. 
Over $100 million in venture capital funding are now involved into this business. Among the leading companies in Bitcoin, we have captured for you:
Bitmain: Cloud mining and hardware powered by Antminer; 
BitPay: Bitcoin payment processing, 
Bitstamp: Slovenia-based bitcoin exchange; 
Blockc hain: wallet and blockchain explorer; 

Circle: A consumer finance app for acquiring, storing and using bitcoin;