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Impact of digital technology on business, the economy, and society, including broad sociological changes.

Image is positioned to be a leader in the digital space; therefore with Connectikpeople.coInitiativefor the Digital Economy (IDE), we highlight and address the impact of digital technologies on business, the economy, and society, including broad sociological changes. Initiative for the DigitalEconomy (IDE) builds out an interdisciplinary focus and conducts research in various areas such as new digital models, big data, cloud, Internet of Things, productivity, Flexibility, Privacy, Security and more. Initiative for the DigitalEconomy (IDE) helps people understand the digital industry; help enterprises make the streamlined choice; makes recommendations to industry leaders and policy makers on the digital economy and job growth. 
Better understanding how digital technologies is transforming the world today is a game changer, like exploring how businesses can continue to master digital technologies to effect change on a much bigger scale.

Understand how Mobile Users interact with mobile Apps.

The app industry is more and more exciting and dynamic in terms of content, data, apps, adoption and threats (security and privacy); while a set of realities related to Data consumption continue their momentum.From insight into users’ behaviors (through metrics like app reach, engagement and retention); the most addictive apps; usage-level information; messaging-related insights and more; the real-time ability to understand how mobile users interact with mobile Apps, can be inter alia: a key tool to boost your app, forming your monetization, product and marketing strategies.
According to Appannie, through its report: ‘’Insights Into App Engagement: Q1 2015’’, Communication and Social categories lead the industry; Japanese and South Korean gamers dominate; Data consumption is ramping up.

Drawing recognition and rendering system, brainstorming and whiteboarding in our mobile age.

At, we also believe that, everyone is creative, and that creativity in our mobile age can be unleashed with the exciting tools already available.
Meaning inter alia that, henceforth people can show and develop their ideas effortlessly with tools intended for that. 
FiftyThree announces the next generation of tools in Paper called Think Kit notes that, Think Kit’s Diagram, Fill, and Cut tools can make it fast and easy to draw charts, diagrams, graphs, flows, wireframes, and models. 
Anything you create can then be exported directly to PowerPoint, Keynote, and more and shared with colleagues everywhere.
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