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Open source cloud management platform with advanced governance and automation capabilities.

Progressively, at  we are seduced by the vision behind the ManageIQ community who brings together developers, service providers, systems integrators, researchers and users, with the goal to collaborate and drive innovation in the management of OpenStack and open hybrid clouds.
If unfamiliar, we recall that, ManageIQ offers hybrid cloud governance and automation capabilities, as well as the ability to build development and test clouds based on OpenStack and other virtualization platforms.
With ManageIQ, Red Hat continues and will continue to lead excitements around and inside the OpenStack and open hybrid clouds technologies, methodologies and platforms. 

Henceforth the ManageIQ communityis launched with the availability of ManageIQ’s fully open-sourced code repository. This also means Red Hat is making an important contribution towards the development of an open cloud management

Domotique et objets connectés : ce que vaut Microsoft depuis 1990-2014.

Lorsqu’il s’agit de domotique, c'est-à-dire une combinaison de dispositif matériel (Hardware) et logiciel (software), susceptible en temps réel, de nous aider à rationaliser la gestion de notre maison ou nos bureaux, en termes de consommation d’énergie, de sécurité, gestion qualité de l’air, de chauffage, amélioration de la qualité de nos cuissons, bref optimiser nos habitudes du quotidien lorsque nous sommes à domicile où dans nos bureaux. Cette tendance fait parler d’elle depuis 1990 tout au moins, avec pour solide exemple la maison de Bill et Mélinda Gates au bord du lac Washington, près de Seattle, dans l'État de Washington ,conçue par l'architecte James Cutler.
En termes de technologies et d’expérimentations, on peut affirmer que Microsoft est l’un des pionniers de la Domotique. Mais seulement, beaucoup de ses projets destinés au grand-public ont avorté. Cela peut se comprendre, car Microsoft est une entreprise technologique, donc vend la technologie. Pour vendre la te…

Recover all files and applications in the event of any catastrophe or network outage.

With this new trend, we talk about Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), that can be activated within ‘minutes’ should a disaster occur. In our cloud-driven and data-driven world surrounded by a set of uncertainties, natural disasters and more, it is always pragmatic, to be insured that, your data can be replicated in real-time. soon RetinkNow® always recommends this pragmatism to small and medium sized organisations that don’t have the budget or expertise to manage such a solution in-house. soon RetinkNow®, seizes this opportunity to encourage the new partnership between Node4, UK Data and communications specialist partners and Zerto to deliver continuous application and file replication on an OPEX-based pricing

Electronic payment systems in Africa: Ingenico Group and GIM-UEMOA pave their way.

When it comes to electronic payment systems, technologies and trends across the world, soon RetinkNow®, is the landmark. This reality is based on our unique experience of this industry. Today, the 4th West African region event for electronic payment systems will be held in Dakar, Senegal. As part of our global commitment, we seize this opportunity to congratulate, two key actors of this industry in this region: Ingenico Group and GIM-UEMOA, for all they have done for the promotion and accessibility of electronic payment systems in this sub-region. soon RetinkNow®, recalls that, the very first transaction effected by the GIM was made via an Ingenico POS device with the Versus Bank in Ivory Coast. Nowadays, around 1,200 POS solutions are deployed across the UEMOA

Cloud privacy protection suite: Ohanae, Inc., paves its way.

Security at 100%, this is not possible, but with a set of good methodologies, best practices, and collaborative actions, we can mitigate seriously the risks. In our data-driven and cloud-driven world, the holistic approaches are recommended. As part of our global commitment, soon RetinkNow®, hails the solid efforts progressively deployed by Ohanae, Inc., when it comes to allow users and businesses to easily create, share, and keep files securely in the cloud. Ohanae promises that passwords and encryption keys are never stored anywhere but are dynamically created and erased locally instead. Available now users can download

Technologies et solutions de payements sur les sites web et applications mobiles : ce que vaut le géant du e-commerce Amazon.

Comme vous pouvez le constater ici, les solutions et les technologies de payements sur mobile, sites web et application mobile se développent à une vitesse fulgurante. Tant mieux pour cette industrie. Car cette dynamique permet à ses différents acteurs s’améliorer et d’innover en temps réel. Les utilisateurs vont bénéficier progressivement des solutions et technologies de plus en plus sophistiquées, simples, flexibles, extensibles, transparentes et sécurisées. Traditionnellement, le marché est dominé par VISA, Amarican Express, Mastercard et Paypal. Mais notre unique expérience de cette industrie nous permet d’observer la montée en puissance des écosystèmes avec des approches spécifiques et ciblées. L’industrie du e-commerce attire de plus en plus d’investissement, ce qui naturellement réveille aussi l’appétit des géants de cette industrie. eBay, spécialiste des enchères, pilote Paypal avec sa galaxie d’offres, le Chinois Alibaba, est en voie de conquérir l’Asie avec sa solution Alipay…

Startups and funding ecosystem: BitGo, Clari, Zerto and ClearCare will continue international expansion and product development.

As, a unique must-attend landmark when it comes to the end-to-end digital transformation, for the companies of all sizes,, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, investors, enterprises and public sectors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world, in terms of innovations, funding, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. This instrument can also help you to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund your projects.
BitGo(Founded in 2013, San Francisco-based Bitcoin security-as-a-service provider), has raised $12 million in a Series A funding led by Redpoint Ventures with participation from previous investors Bridgescale Partners, Jeff Skoll, Bill Lee, and Eric Hahn, as well as new investors Radar Partners, Founders Fund, Bitcoin Opportunity Fund, Liberty City Ventures, Crypto Currency Partners and

Exchange large files over the public Internet: Secure File Transfer paves its way.

When it comes to cloud-basedsolution or technology to exchange large volumes of data and large files in a timely,  recommends seamless ,secure,  and scalable solution which addressesthe vital complexities of large file transfer. As part of our global commitment we have captured for you the availability of Secure File Transfer, for exchanging large files over the public Internet. 
With this technology, you can with no files size limitations, securely and simply share documents, data, and files within and outside of the enterprise.

The architecture of Secure File Transfercan authenticate the identities of the sender and recipient to mitigate the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. 
Secure File Transfer gives users the option to decide whether recipients such as clients, partners, and suppliers must be authenticated by Managed Access Gateway (MAG) or