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SoundHound for Android in version 5.3 is now available.

The app includes features like: Blazing fast music recognition, LiveLyrics, to see lyrics move in time with the music. It brings you free song streams, new artists, Real-time Facebook and Twitter updates from your favorite artists.

The new version 5.3 availablesince March 29, 2013 is optimized for medium and large tablets, brings the newest way to experience lyrics, you can now explore charts, albums and

Google announces the Open Patent Non-Assertion (OPN) Pledge.

The objective behind this project is to support the open -source system, to provide a model for companies looking to put their own patents into the service of open-source software. At Google itbegun by identifying 10 patents relating to MapReduce, (a computing model for processing large data sets first developed at Google, open-source versions of which are now widely used and over time, expand the set

Concept de téléphone mouchard tout droit des USA : enjeux et réalités.

Au nom du business est vous prêt à espionner d’une manière ou d’une autre vos potentiels clients et clients ?, vous hésiterez peut être à y répondre, mais au pays de l’oncle Sam et beuh, c’est presque normale. ‘’Business is Business’’.
En ligne via les cookies, on suit vos habitudes de navigation sur les sites pour vous coller des produits basés sur vos préférences. La tendance devient physique progressivement, car il devient de plus tendance aux Etats-Unis, de voir les commerçants équiper leurs magasins en antennes Wi-Fi pour capter les signaux émis par

Afrinolly for BlackBerry 10 in Version: 1.0.3 to watch African music videos, comedy online.

African impact on technologies, internet, and science continues to grow and Afrinolly ,is here to help you enjoy what happen in Africa in terms of culture, cinema, music and entertainment. Available also on Android, iOS, it allows you watching African music videos, comedy online, Bollywood trailers and full length African movies. It also brings to you the latest news and gossip about movies, music and celebrities in Africa.

Flash back to Jongla your Instant Messenger in version 1.2.1

As a leading InstantMessenger and more and more popular in Asia, with Jongla IM, you can share texts, photos, stickers and locations with your friends without having to pay for SMS. It allows you to connect instantly with your friends around the world. With Jongla you are free to chat and send an unlimited number of messages, photos, because it also uses your Internet connection, 3G/EDGE, or Wi-Fi when available. Messages are fully encrypted using TLS encryption.
You can set up your own profile page and upload an avatar photo,

China accommodates new mobile Operating System called Smartisan OS: Stakes and Opportunities.

Henceforth available as an Android ROM, Smartisan OS according to CEO Luo Yonghao, has as objective to ‘’kill’’ Apple in China. It will be release in Beta in Jun 2013.
China’s Hammer Technologies is ambitious and promises that the company would launch its own handsets as well to complement the OS. However beyond the show around the announcement, Smartisan OS has to prove in terms of security, reliability and stability because as an Android ROM, Smartisan is still Google software at its core. In addition it

Ouya powered by Android available as of on June 4 , 2013 for the masses

the announce comes from Team #Ouyawhich has confirmed the console will launch in the United States, Canada and the U.K. on June 4, 2013, for $100.
According to Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman, more than 8,000 software engineers worldwide are currently developing games, including those from Square Enix, Double Fine Productions, Tripwire Interactive, Vlambeer, Phil Fish's

Limbo Robot: a sustainable Cleaning Bot harnessing the energy of the waste.

Designed by Elliot Cohen & Neil Vincenti, it is billed as your own personal Mars-rover, however instead of being plutonium powered; it harnesses the energy of the waste it “consumes” from cleaning your kitchen and other areas. We discovered also that it uses a process called microbial electrolysis; a proven process that uses

Google Chrome 26 : un meilleur correcteur orthographique : Enjeux et Réalités

Il y’a cinq ans tout au moins personne n’aurait parié sur la nécessité d’un nouveau navigateur sur le marché, connaissant les tentaculaires Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari…Mais le succès de Chrome démontre le contraire. En fait quant il n’est classé 1e, 2e ou 3e en termes d’utilisations dans le monde il n’en est pas si loin et ne cesse de s’envoler. (Voir infographie ici). Chrome est donc un projet sérieux qui ne cesse de surprendre agréable : corrections des bugs incessantes, organisation des concours de

Guest Post: Evernote helps you now to Fill insurance claims: Stakes and Process

According to Evernote, filing insurance claims is often a frustrating process, with a multitude of steps to keep track of and zero room for error. While we hope you never have to do so, Skitch and Evernote can help you set yourself right again as quickly as possible by creating simple, clear resources for insurance claims. Here

Doo private beta for Android in the Starting block: get access to all your documents.

Following the release of Doo apps for OS X and Windows 8, the Android version seems to be ready anyway in private Beta. For those who unfamiliar, Doo help manage your documents. You can get access to all your documents, wherever you keep them, when and wherever you need them on the device of your choosing. The team acquires Goodreads, a leading site for readers and book recommendations.

Henceforth March 28, 2013 marks officially Amazon real will to dominate the book distribution online, expand reading around the world and build many new ways to delight readers and authors alike. For those who unfamiliar, Founded in 2007, Goodreads is where readers find and share books they love. The site announces 16 million members who have added about 530