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Applications and IT infrastructure: here is why BMN signs strategic agreement with IBM.

Progressively, Connectikpeople observes that organizations like the banks are deeply immersed in unprecedented IT transformations, in terms of data flow, the access to centrally data and innovative technologies.
With this ten year agreement valued at approximately $300 million, Captured by Connectikpeople, we talk about the transformation and the optimization the bank’s IT infrastructure and applications. This means, IBM will help BMN improve the efficiency and flexibility of its technology and provide major access to IT innovation to help reinforce BMN’s regional franchise and retail business. According to IBM, this will allow the bank to better focus on providing personal services to people who are self-employed and to

Cloud and Security Solutions, Application Management Services: here is why Dell and Accenture Sign Agreement.

The stake here, is to address some of the technology challenges during business transformation; with the goal  to deliver Cloud and Security Solutions, Application Management Services to Mid-Market and Select Enterprise Customers.  Connectikpeople observes that to accomplish this, Dell and Accenture have signed a four-year global go-to-market agreement to jointly develop and sell a new set of offerings designed to deliver improved enterprise

Software-based remote access solutions: Need for Remote Access recognized, despite Security Concerns according to HOB Survey.

Progressively employees will require their own devices for remote access in the frame of their jobs and business. But as usual the major concern remains the security. This week, Connectikpeople has captured the results of a new survey: ‘TheState of Remote Access Security’, from HOB, (the market actor software-based remote access solutions) ,which quantifies the trends and pain points CTO’s and CIO’s in the United States experience when utilizing remote access and

Box new highlights include: partnership with Capgemini, the new enterprise admin console and Box Sync 4.0.

Based on our ranking, you can now determine the real worth of Box in its ecosystem. You can also discover in real time the real value of your favorite company here. This week, Box is introducing an advanced professional services team: Box Consulting with the goal to help businesses of all sizes get up and running on Box efficiently and at scale. Box is also teaming with Capgemini to utilize their global reach and industry depth to deliver custom app development, enterprise scale, cloud integration, user adoption best

Official; YouTube Live Streaming platform is open to all verified channels.

Following the release of YouTube Live Streaming API with the goal to help eligible channels to stream their content on YouTube, henceforth, the YouTube Live Streaming team announces that YouTube Live Streaming platform is open to all verified channels. To start integration with the YouTube Live API: Register your application with YouTube Data API v3

Collaboration and information management: here is the real value of BOX.

When we talk about collaboration and information management, we see IT administrators, solutions providers and the integrators. In this frame BOX is well known with its ability to gather expertise and solutions to make businesses of all sizes more productive, competitive, and powerful. This week Connectikpeople has captured other achievements from BOX. Henceforth Chevron, Safeway and Pearson have joined the 200,000 businesses using Box. We have also captured major updates to its admin console, with advanced policies, automation tools and new content management offerings that aim to help IT administrators easily manage information across complex enterprise environments. Box also enhanced support for businesses deploying and customizing Box at scale with

Startups fundings: Highlight, Oculus VR, Coinbase and Snapchat can now expand their business.

The amounts raised here demonstrate the power of these models in terms of concepts, technologies and adoption. If unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of fundings, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this rubric helps them to discover which Venture Capital or Business