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Live chat software + Customer relationships are crucial for effective revenue generation in any enterprise

It is interesting to see that, Enterprises are striving to develop a wide customer base because of the increase in competition, to obtain the largest market share. 
In effect, they have started implementing enterprise solutions like enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM)
Live chat software can be deployed for enterprise websites, enabling the companies to have continuous communication with customers. For instance, enterprises deploy live chat software to provide product or brand information to customers to increase the brand awareness.

Workplace by Facebook + LT Infotech in our ever-connected world

At the core of stakes, we have: enhanced productivity and flexibility; enterprise collaboration platform; internal communications and the way work is done within an enterprise in our ever-connected digital era.
For those who are unfamiliar, Workplace by Facebook aims to reimagine business communications by bringing the familiar social experience to the enterprise environment.
Workplace brings the well-known features of Facebook like News Feed, Groups, Chat, Reactions, Live, and Search to organizations helping employees stay connected in a secure environment.
The comprehensive services from LTIinclude change management strategy, adoption roadmap, setup, installation, integration, use-case development, and API extension and development.

The most important regarding a new TV app for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad

At the heart of stakes, we have: a unified experience for discovering and accessing TV shows and movies from multiple apps on Apple TV®, iPhone® and iPad®. I can also recall that, a new Siri® feature for Apple TVlets viewers tune in directly to live news and sporting events across their apps
Among key features, we have: Watch Now, Up Next, Recommended, and Library. Now, users when begin watching on one device can easily continue where they left off on their Apple devices.

Authentication mechanisms in our ever-connected dynamic world

Definitely we are moving from traditional-classic password toward sophisticated and streamlined authentication mechanisms. The stakes are huge as our daily experiences are increasingly digital. On this graphic one can observe the dynamic fueling the emerging Authentication mechanisms in our ever-connected dynamic world.