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Automic Workload Automation V12 and Automic Service Orchestration V12 for the Digital Transformation Era

At the core of stakes, we have unified interface, new unified reporting & analytics, intelligent insights across automation silo’s, andnew SLA management. In effect, Automic WorkloadAutomation V12 and Automic Service Orchestration V12 give operational IT the tools they may need to leverage automation to drive their digital transformation initiatives across their hybrid-cloud IT.

The 3M™ Mobile True Definition Scanner, as a one-of-a-kind tablet-based intraoral scanner that fits in your hand.

At the core of stakes, we have: patients and clinicians, the ability to move freely between operatories without power cords or carts. Informed discussion and visual patient communication, a cutting-edge digital visualization of their oral anatomy, a better understanding of proposed treatments, and the scanner between operatories
In effect, this new scanner is designed to deliver convenience for practitioners, as well as a memorable visual experience for the patient.

Sentiments, expectations, concerns, and recommendations about the future of mobile money

From developed to developing countries, there is a set of realities and dynamics related to the adoption of mobile wallets specific to each region and economy. The momentum in Africa and across the world is very interesting but concerns about fraud and theft risks are inhibiting adoption of mobile wallets, while businesses underestimate the problem.
According to a new global survey of consumers and executives released by NTT DATA, Inc., more than half of consumers believe mobile wallets are less secure than cash; yet nearly 60 percent of executives say mobile money will build their business because it’s safe Other important findings from the study include: Consumers around the world understand the benefits of mobile money 60 percent of consumers agree that mobile money enhances their purchase experience 50 percent say mobile money drives loyalty to their financial institution or online merchant Security concerns are undermining mobile payments More than half of consumers …