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Better visibility into your Red Hat infrastructure.

Productivity, flexibility, performance, availability, stability, agility and security, are the requirements, henceforth indispensable for a new generation of IT infrastructures.
Stakes are economical, strategic and sustainable. Red Hat Access Insights is now available. salutes this new release that IT administrators can use to identify, understand, and correct or intercept issues before any business impact occurs. talks about using actionable intelligence to proactively manage and optimize your Red Hat infrastructure across physical, virtual and cloud deployments. 
With Red Hat Access Insights, users can reduce downtime; IT managers and system administrators gain better visibility into their Red Hat infrastructure, with alerts on potential issues, such as configuration problems or security vulnerabilities ad more.

Kubernetes + Docker on Mirantis OpenStack 6.1: stakes and realities.

Stakes around Kubernetes , Docker and OpenStack are now well-known when it comes to build, deploy, run, monitor, and scale distributed apps in our digital age. is there to help you streamline these experiences anywhere and anytime. 
So, for those unfamiliar, recalls that, Kubernetes is an open source framework engineered to address the novel challenges of deploying, scaling, managing and ensuring availability of modern, multi-component containerized applications running on cloud infrastructure. 
While Docker, provides tools to developers with simple methods for composing, managing and updating apps in containers through their lifecycles.
OpenStack, with its tools for automating operations and orchestrating application deployment and scaling at the infrastructure level, is, in many ways, a holistic IaaS hosting environment for Docker and Kubernetes. 
Henceforth the release of Mirantis OpenStack 6.1in combination of Community App Catalogtransforms scali…

Scaling Kubernetes on OpenStack with ease.

The real-time ability to master challenges of deploying, scaling, managing and ensuring availability of modern, multi-component containerized applications running on cloud infrastructure, is henceforth vital in our digital age, where IT infrastructures undergo lots of pressures of vast amount of data from multiple sources. 
Kubernetes , an open source framework for deploying, scaling and managing bring peace in minds when it comes to ensuring availability of modern, multi-component containerized applications running on cloud infrastructure.
Therefore, salutes the release of Mirantis OpenStack 6.1in combination with Community App Catalogthat makes it now easy to deploying and scaling Kubernetes on OpenStack.

Fraud Alert Issued on Business Email Compromise Scam and CryptoWall ransomware fraud.

Image recalls that, the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) and federal law enforcement agencies have released a joint alert warning companies of a sophisticated wire payment scam referred to as business email compromise (BEC). Scammers use fraudulent information to trick companies into directing financial transactions into accounts scammers control.  
Users and administrators are encouraged to review the BEC Joint Report for details and refer to the US-CERT Tip ST04-014 for information on social engineering and phishing attacks. also recalls that, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued an alert warning that U.S. individuals and businesses are still at risk of CryptoWall ransomware fraud. Scam operators use ransomware, a type of malicious software to infect a device and restrict access until a ransom fee is paid­­. Individuals and organizations are discouraged from paying the ransom, as this does not guarante…

Connected car M2M connections and connected car M2M services in our digital age.

We are still at the early stage when it comes to connected car, but excitements increase with key drivers such as in-car infotainment services; and advanced sensors and chips. We also have challenges related to Data security and privacy issues.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, the connected car M2M market is divided into two segments: connected car M2M connections and connected car M2M services. 
Based on services, the connected car M2M services market can be segmented into: driver assistance, safety and security, infotainment, vehicle management, on-drive management, and other services. 
The connected car M2M services market by usage can be segmented into two: connected car M2M OEM market and connected car M2M aftermarket. observes that, with advances in technology, high-tech sensors and chips are widely used in connected cars to monitor every movement of drivers and help them to avoid accidents. 
These advanced sensors and chips monitor vital…

Deliver the new Generation of Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise.

It is exciting and encouraging to see that, growing number of strategic alliances (IBM+Box; IBM+Apple, Twitter+IBM, Redhat+Samsung, etc.) emerge and are formed and developed within the digital industry to helpbusinesses of all sizes,harness the power of Mobile, Open source, Bigdata, Analytics and Cloud to transform and streamline their critical processes.
On this momentum, encourages players to focus inter alia on: mobile solutions that enable rapid development and integration of enterprise applications for organizations moving toward a mobile-first strategy. 
The new generation of mobile business solutions is henceforth defined by greater levels of openness, ease of use, agility, flexibility, scalability, and access to critical business information, while still maintaining required levels of security, and that fit the real stakes of businesses.

3D Animation Software, Hybrid animation, emerging technologies, Key vendors and drivers.

Revenue from this market is more and more exciting with the growing market for 3D games and their popularity among children and adults.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, 3D animation is a type of computer animation that includes a combination of modeling, animating, and rendering techniques. Animators model the object, animate it in a 3D environment, and then render the image for the final output. Many 3D animation software products are used to develop 3D images, 3D designs, 3D computer graphics, and 3D video games. 
Hybrid animation is a combination of 2D and 3D animation and lends an artistic and realistic bend to 3D computer-generated objects. can observe that, currently, technological limitations prevent animators from producing effective combinations of 3D objects with 2D animations.
 However, emerging technologies such as non-photorealistic tools and toon shading can trigger the usage of hybrid animation, enhancing the overall picture and…