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Full convergence of the Node.js and io.js projects.

Exciting to see that, the Node.js project and the io.js project are now combined in a single codebase.
The adoption of Node.js v4 is not painless; but at, we also believe that, the Stable and LTS cycles provide the room for the project to continue its innovation and stay with the cutting-edge of JavaScript while also serving the need for predictable long-term stability and security demanded by data-centric enterprises adopting Node.js as a key technology.
Some changes in the v3.x series as well as major breaking changes in Node.js v4 constitute changes required for full convergence of the Node.js and io.js projects.
Node.js v4 brings a plan for long-term support (LTS) and a regular release cycle.
An initial list of amazing changes between v0.12 and v4 can be found on the LTS wiki, Full ChangeLog available at for complete and current list of known issues.

The Node.js and io.js communities: future, goals, resources and platform.

We live henceforth in a digital age where streamlined technologies, frameworks, communities, paradigms and approaches are a game-changer.
At, we believe that, the future is now bright for theNode.js and io.js communities as both focus henceforth on what the future might mean for these technologies: industrial-scale open source projects; large scale collaboration under agreed upon terms that no one company, person or entity can change or dictate.
Key features in successful open governance are at the core of stakes: participation, transparent technical decision making design and architecture open source license open, level playing field for intellectual property. The right foundational elements to move forward are forever available.