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A real-time data platform in our data-driven world.

For years, data were a dormant asset within administrations, enterprises and organizations. Henceforth with the exceptional capabilities of the emerging technologies combined with the power of data systems such as Hadoop and DevOps, and the proliferation of social media, data become sources of new revenues streams and sources of performance, critical information, productivity and security.
At, soon #Retinknow, we define a real-time data platform in our data-driven world, as: an open source technology which is flexible, reliable, fault tolerant, highly scalable and available; collecting all types of data from multiple sources. A real-time data platform makes high volume and reliable data available as a real-time stream for consumption anywhere. A real-time data platform understands data and delivers critical and actionable insights, easily profitable.
It is also a powerful centralized service for all the data in your organization, helping you get all your data from dis…