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Make Open Data More Accessible

At, we are thrilled to observe that, Organizations that want to fuel innovation are embracing data as their most critical natural resource and are increasingly seeking out cloud platforms and services to better manage massive amounts of information.
Data is the most critical asset in our digital age; therefore, application developers need powerful and accurate access to clean and open data anywhere and anytime.
IBM and ThinkData Works' Namara.ioprovide henceforth: developers, business, and citizens with the resources they need to innovative and build data-driven applications and services that can help solve industry problems and address new challenges. salutes this experience that goes beyond the main challenges currently facing open data including: data available in multiple locations, on separate portals and in conflicting formats.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, aggregates and catalogues data from multiple …

Behavior-Based Predictive Analytics by Industry in our data-driven age.

In our mobile-driven age where huge amount of structured and unstructured data is generated anywhere and in real-time, companies need the holistic abilities to uncover and act on critical business insights.
Streamlined analytics in the hands of every business user are critical when it comes to help them see patterns, pursue ideas and improve all types of decisions impacting their industry.
A highly personalized omni-access engagement model which is centered around turning huge amounts of structured and unstructured data into personalized actionable information and making it available at any point in time to advisors and investors, is also a game-changer. 
Behavior-Based Predictive Analytics in this momentum bring:pre-built predictive analytic modeling patterns and interfaces for focused industry use cases, as well as data preparation capabilities to manage unique data and streamline collection and preparation of data for analytics
Organizations need capabilities that enable greater spee…

Integrated Remote Support for the Android for Work platform.

From increased productivity and flexibility to greater agility, the enterprise mobility is a now a game-changer in our mobile age.
Google works to strengthen Android devices in the enterprise market with its Android for Work platform; an exciting experience henceforth boosted by AetherPal’sRemote Support capabilities.
With this support, we talk about increased visibility and control of enterprise applications on end user devices. IT managers will have increased visibility, control and management of applications running within the work profile. 
Therefore, corporate users in need of support while accessing an enterprise application can contact their IT department and have a help desk manager remotely take control of the application residing in the work profile on the device to analyze, diagnose and resolve application and access control issues.  Feel free to submit your app or technology!

Change the way people use technology in our digital age.

As you know and discover every day, at we also connect people with the people, insights, data and groundbreaking technologies they care about in ways that are more personal, productive, mobile, natural and trusted. In this momentum, shares the following vision with Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yang Yuanqing , when it comes to change the way people use technology by: Creating more natural ways to connect people with devices Building device and network connections that are reliable, seamless and ubiquitous Making devices interconnected for rich interactions Giving customers the power of big data and their own personal cloud Leveraging smart connectivity to let customers pick the services they want and create their own unique experiences With, feel free to submit your app or technology.

Making smartphones more usable, productive and more PC-like in our mobile age.

At, we are proud to observe that tech companies work to make smartphones more usable, more PC-like, with greater productivity and personalization. Henceforth users will be able to enjoy a smart phone with built-in laser projector, infrared motion detector and high-performance algorithms. 
The goal through this technology combination is both enhance interaction and productivity anywhere and anytime.
So, users can project a large virtual touch screen onto a table to type with a virtual keyboard and work with specific productivity apps (calculator, drawing, note-taking and even edit in Microsoft PowerPoint). 
Users can transform their wall into a movie theatre to watch videos, give a presentation or even play games using hang gestures on the table or cast onto the wall. 
Users can project content onto the wall while viewing different content simultaneously on their smartphone screen.
In fact, possibilities and opportunities are endless. Feel free to submityour app or techno…

Android Pay in our mobile-driven age.

Choice, flexibility, security and open standards are critical when it comes to streamline our mobile payments experiences in our digital age, where we need to keep our personal and financial information secure anywhere and anytime.
Following the hit of Apple pay, Android Pay plays henceforth its partition with a great focus on: simply; partnerships with top payments processors; choice; flexibility, and an open platform to help inter alia: drive adoption in mobile payments also notes that, you will be able add your credit and debit cards directly from bank apps for use with Android Pay.
Industry standard security tokenization is awaited with a virtual account number to represent your account information.
Android Device Managercan help you to instantly lock your device from anywhere. Google announces Android soon on Google Play for download soon.

Here is Why Governments Should Go Paperless.

Open standards, open technologies, open services and open minds are henceforth a game changer in our digital. With this holistic approach, companies, organizations and governments have unmatched opportunities to streamline their digital experience in real-time and anywhere with greater productivity, flexibility and security.
We are still at the early stage regarding journey to becoming paperless. Challenges remains various, but mostly related to the awareness of the benefits from the success of other countries and from the private sector. 
In the momentum to make it a reality, has captured for you this white paper that focuses on: a comprehensive insight into the state of play of electronic invoicing and payment methods in Business to Government (B2G) commerce worldwide; the different reasons that governments implement e-invoicing, and the solutions that can move countries forward to become paperless. shares Basware’s vision to set governments free …