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Worldwide Business Analytics Services Spending

Business Analytics Services and technologies are revolutionizing how businesses, government agencies and individuals address their issues, fix problems, improve systems, generate new value and revenue streams, to improve working and living conditions anywhere and anytime.
So it is encouraging to observe that, worldwide business analytics services spending will reach $58.6 billion in 2015 and $101.9 billion in 2019, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7%; according to IDC.

Among key divers, one can feature the desire to consume the entire lifecycle of business analytics services; the adoption of new technologies and lack of internal skill sets.
In fact, Business analytics is becoming a backbone technology in our connected age where data is the most critical asset.

Web Services Cloud Market Analysis

Cloud technologies and services at trustworthy providers are more and more secure than on-premises infrastructures. Their agility, performance and flexibility seduce businesses of all sizes.
Web Services Cloud providers offer henceforth dynamic access to worldwide computing resources. Dedicated and shared resources are available and priced on a per use basis. The data and critical apps are hosted on shared resources and infrastructures to reduce costs, increase reliability, and increase server utilization. 
This dynamic combine with the Hybrid cloud is cementing peace in minds and permits fast and flexible dynamic access to worldwide computing resources.

IBM Globalization Pipeline in our today’s globalized, digital marketplace

Emerging markets from Asia, Europe, America and in Africa are disrupting the way we consume, communicate and share experiences in real-time; so that people increasingly prefer to buy products and services in their native language.
That is resulting in the critical need for the developers to automatically translate cloud and mobile apps into the world’s most-spoken languages.
With, online and mobile experiences are increasingly streamlined and individuals, organizations, businesses and governments agencies are aware of stakes.
IBM Globalization Pipeline, henceforth available in beta on Bluemix, lets developer teams focus on core activities and avoid the time- and resource-intensive tasks traditionally associated with software translation, such as setting up translation processes, managing translation vendors, and rebuilding and redeploying apps whenever there is a translation update. encourages this initiative and also recalls that, Key features of IBM…

Wearable Technology Market

When it comes to Wearable Technology Market worldwide, the most exciting is to note that, progressively wearable device OEMs earn a lot of money from device shipment revenues. 
Fitness and sports centric wearable device drive a lot of excitements; Wireless carriers are increasingly integrating wearable devices within their M2M and IoT strategies and in millions, additional service revenue.
The wearable applications ecosystems also grow at a sustainable pace, beyond a set of lapses related to the maturity.
Wearable devices more and more support embedded cellular connectivity. According to Research and Markets, by 2016 it is estimated that wearable device shipments will surpass 140 Million and will account for nearly $30 Billion in revenue. 
Key enabling technologies include: low cost sensors, wireless connectivity, active materials and energy. also recalls that, wearable devices are now hitting the mass market in a diverse exciting and productivity form factors.

More than $1.788B as strategic funding pour in the digital economy last week

The state of the digital economy last week features the quality of funding, and the determination of investors who have been seduced inter alia by: consumer lending platform; ridesharing app; mobile banking; e-commerce , mobile apps for videos and more.
Within this trend, has captured for you:
$34M/Series Cfor Craftsvilla , an Indian online marketplace for ethnic merchandise such as saris, jewelry, and musical instruments. The company plans to launch its own private-label brand as well as expand into new verticals, including food and herbal items. Investors include:Nexus Venture Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Global Founders Capital, and more.
$275M/Series Bfor Earnest, a consumer lending platform for student and personal loans. In addition to this $75M in equity, the company raised $200M in debt led by New York Life. Investors include:Battery Ventures (Lead) ; New York Life Insurance Co.
$75M/Series Bfor Datto that provides backup and disaster recovery services for …