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Showing posts from September 8, 2014

Platform Solution for Remote OTA Management of Connected Vehicles: recommendations and solution.

Indeed, we are still at the early stage of the Connected Vehicles as an effective and relevant industry. But at, we are more and more excited at the idea to scrutinize and monitor very soon the acceleration of the adoption of connected car implementation and services.
Pending, to embrace these realities, it is progressively encouraging to see the convergence of a set of synergies from certain key players. 
The CarSync™ platform will be integrated with Autonet Mobile’s Telematics Control Unit (TCU) and TRU Management platform, leveraging the TCU for Electronic Control Units (ECUs) re-flashing and Autonet Mobile’s secure and reliable IP service delivery platform for data delivery.
That means, when it comes to Platform solution for remote management of software and firmware elements within connected vehicles, recommends strongly inter alia:
Flexible, scalable, seamless, open fully integrated, end-to-end OTA solution for Automotive OEMs, and Systems Integ…

Preview of the Migration Accelerator (MA), for Azure: realities and recommendations.

In our cloud-driven world,, is pleased to observe that, a growing number of cloud providers, work to develop and provide seamless, open, flexible and relevant tools when it comes to Cloud migration and Virtualization. 
The recent release of the limited preview of the Microsoft Migration Accelerator(MA), for Azure is encouraging and,  always encourages companies and organizations to rely on comprehensive solution that automate inter alia: discovery of source workloads, remote agent installation, network adaptation ,endpoint configuration and reduce cost and risk of your migration project., encourages Microsoft to continue focusing inter alia on the automation of all critical processes required to migrate a source workload within an Enterprise into Azure Cloud.

Manage servers throughout their lifecycle:from provisioning and configuration to orchestration and monitoring.

In our highly competitive and ever changing environment with the proliferation of data from multiple sources, system administrators should and need mostly: seamless, secure, scalable and flexible technologies and infrastructures to suit with these realities.
For those who unfamiliar,, recalls that Foreman, an open source project can help inter alia system administrators to: manage servers throughout their lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to orchestration and monitoring.
This means inter alia that, you can easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy applications, and proactively manage change, both on-premise with VMs (Virtual Machines) and bare-metal or in the cloud.
It is also crucial to recall that, Foreman can provide comprehensive, interaction facilities including a web frontend, and CLI and RESTful API.
Mission-critical for organizations, managing from 10s to 1000s of servers, with Foreman it is exciting to observe that, you could inter alia:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5: key characteristics and recommendations.

In our cloud-driven environment, which means: flexibility, scalability and agility in real-time for our IT departments, OpenStack progressively appears like the ultimate* companion for enterprises, Governments, Intelligence, Police, Military and organizations, when it comes to seamlessly appropriate the cloud computing infrastructures and technologies.
With Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, Red Hat a provider of open source software solutions can bring peace in minds with regard to enterprise-ready OpenStack platform. At we recommend potential users or current users of any enterprise-ready OpenStack platforms to focus inter alia on:
Flexible, scalable, seamless, agile, secure and full integrated-solution;
robust installer;
fault tolerant architecture;
Ease of deployment and high availability;
Intuitive graphical-user interface;
an open source lifecycle management tool;
Customizable installation ;
Streamlined installation,
Uptime and scalability for the OpenStack…