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iOS apps: FedEx Mobile updated in version 4.2, customize deliveries coming to your home.

Dell NetReady service is available now in Europe.

Google Map Maker is now available in Germany, Finland, and the Aland Islands!

Encompassing Week: here is what happened in Amazon Web Service-land last week

The Solar Floating Resort: the alternative for overpopulation or simply the luxury gadget?

iOS apps: Nike+ FuelBand accommodates new update in version 1.5

video :Photoshop in Creative Cloud: learn more or less how it works.

Rachat de Webdetails par Pentaho : comprendre les Enjeux.

iOS app: Twitterrific 5 for Twitter accommodates major Update in version 5.2.1.

Format d'images WebP de Google : Comprendre les Enjeux.

The iLens; billed as a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera for enthusiastic photographers.

Yahoo! For your iPhone updated in version 3.0 with modern touches

iOS apps: Netflix for your iPhone updated in version 4.0

IBM modern Solar Collector for generate about 25kW of energy.