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iOS apps: FedEx Mobile updated in version 4.2, customize deliveries coming to your home.

With FedEx®Mobile you can manage your deliveries, track the status of your packages, find FedEx locations and customize your shipments and deliveries.
Henceforth in addition of well known features, you can now sign-up and use FedEx® Delivery Manager to customize deliveries to your home. You can also request to:

Dell NetReady service is available now in Europe.

Henceforth Dell NetReady  service is launched in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic. It offers ‘’cost-effective’’ mobile connectivity with a single integrated SIM and is pre-installed in select consumer and commercial products in the Inspiron, XPS, Latitude, Precision and Vostro range. In these countries Dell NetReady aims to provide more

Google Map Maker is now available in Germany, Finland, and the Aland Islands!

For those who unfamiliar, Google Map Maker is a service launched by Google in June 2008. it designed to expand the breadth of the service currently offered by Google Maps. The goal behind the project is to acquire sufficient high-quality mapping data to be published and used on the existing Google Maps service.
Some contributions have begun to appear on Google Maps, but

Encompassing Week: here is what happened in Amazon Web Service-land last week

Now we invite you to take a look on what happened in AWS-land last week: Wednesday, April 17 They announced IAM Roles for AWS Elastic Beanstalk.The AWS Ruby Blog discussed Locking Dependency Versions with Bundler.Thursday, April 18 They announced that Amazon S3 now stores 2 trillion objects and handles 1.1 million requests per second.They announced Local Secondary Indexes for Amazon

The Solar Floating Resort: the alternative for overpopulation or simply the luxury gadget?

The spaces occupied by the seas and oceans are more important than others. On the land, we are facing increasingly the overpopulation, pollution and noises. How Solar Floating Resort can help us? It is covered completely in a photovoltaic skin; the resort is 100% self-sufficient and non-polluting. It also includes a modular system that divides into much smaller

iOS apps: Nike+ FuelBand accommodates new update in version 1.5

With Nike+ FuelBand, you can measure your everyday activity, tracks each step and calories burned. This also means view your progress by week, month or year; automatically send all your information to your Nike+ profile online and customize the display on your Nike+ FuelBand or

video :Photoshop in Creative Cloud: learn more or less how it works.

Published on 22 Apr 2013, this video aims to bring you inside Photoshop in Creative Cloud. Therefore you might find out about, how membership works and what you get.

Rachat de Webdetails par Pentaho : comprendre les Enjeux.

Progressivement et d’une manière encore plus viscérale, les différents acteurs du numériques devront faire face aux réalités du Big data en termes de sécurité, de volume, d’intégrité de visualisation et d’exploitation. Par conséquent Pentaho  le spécialiste de l’intelligence open source, prépare l’avenir tout en consolidant ses acquis. Cette fois-ci, en franchissant un nouveau cap en matière de technologies visualisation des données. En effet le portugais Webdetails plusieurs années partenaire de

iOS app: Twitterrific 5 for Twitter accommodates major Update in version 5.2.1.

With this app you can browse mentions and direct messages from a single view. Henceforth the new theme panel enables you to tailor the way tweets are displayed. More or less quickly respond to tweets, change accounts or view conversation threads using gestures.
New features includes: App badges for push notifications (enable in iOS Settings > Notification Center); Notification count for replies, mentions & DM’s; Favstar support (enable in Settings > Other Services) and Twitter

Format d'images WebP de Google : Comprendre les Enjeux.

La montée en puissance depuis 2009 d’un réseau comme Facebook, une bonne croissance de Google+, le ciblage des outils comme Instagram et Pinterest ou tout au moins la multiplicité des logiciels de captures, d’édition et de partage d’images, ont fait exploser la quantité d’images envoyées chaque jour sur internet. En Avril 2013, les images à elles seules représentent plus de 66% du contenu d’internet. Le vrai enjeu se trouve donc au niveau de la gestion et l’exploitation de ces flux de

The iLens; billed as a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera for enthusiastic photographers.

Designed by Rishi Soman , Here what we can learn about the Concept:
‘’Dual lens system on the iLens provides you with an option to click with the 50mm prime lens on the main device. Magnetically attachable zoom and telephoto lens give you more dynamic photography options. The magnetically attachable lens sits on top of the primary device lens, which is the 50mm prime lens. The lens and the device communicate to each other via NFC Standard. Gesture sensitive lens casing provide with lens zoom and focus manipulation. Also, an integrated ring type flash unit

Yahoo! For your iPhone updated in version 3.0 with modern touches

In addition of main features known, henceforth  with tis new version you can experience:  visual stream of stories; Summaries by Yahoo!; 

iOS apps: Netflix for your iPhone updated in version 4.0

With Netflix app you can watch TV episodes and movies on your phone. For those who unfamiliar, Netflix membership gives you access to unlimited TV shows and movies for one low monthly price; you can browse a selection of thousands of titles, and new episodes and so on.

IBM modern Solar Collector for generate about 25kW of energy.

The challenges related to the access of energy and water, increasingly become importants and problematics for people, governments and the states. This means that the different governments have to invest essentials resources to tackle these problems.

At IBM, they talk about Modern solar collectors. This means: hundreds of