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The convergence of social data and platforms, mobile and travel, riders and passengers in mobile-driven world.

Uber, likeBlaBlaCar, and others online community marketplaces that connect drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride, demonstrate how the mobility combined with the emerging technologies, such as bigdata/Analytics, cloud computing, location services, and social platforms, can improve our living conditions, by making travel less costly, more social and secure and more efficient across the world.
Uber, likeBlaBlaCar, for instance, use Big data/Analytics, to improve inter alia: effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, tooptimize the performance of their CRM campaigns and develop programs to improve the customers' experience.

Kit to ‘’Quickly and Easily’’ Add Internet of Things to the Raspberry Pi.

We are still at the early stage, when it comes to Internet of Things. But it is exciting to see that, from proprietaryand very hard to design, install, and maintain networks that linked smallsensor-based systems; to the new IT Convergence, a widely available broadbandconnectivity, and low cost sensor technology, the Internet of Things, progressively emerges as a real and massive market.
Thanks to the Weaved, who can offer a fully-capable, software, hardware-agnostic platform and drop-in services to easily enable sophisticated users and developers to add Internet of Things capability to any already networked products. 
Thanks also to the All Seen Alliance, a non-profit consortium dedicated to enabling the Internet of Everything through a universal development framework.
In this dynamic, henceforth Raspberry Pi application, can be transformed into an IoT device, with the new Weaved IoT Kit.
If unfamiliar,, soon can remind that, the Raspberry Pi is a low cost,…

A critical security advisory to address vulnerabilities in Docker versions.

Image, soon, reminds that, Docker has released a critical security advisory to address vulnerabilities in Docker versions prior to version 1.3.2, one of which could allow an attacker to escalate privileges and execute remote code on an affected system.   Therefore,, soon, encourages users and administrators to review Docker's Security Advisory and apply the necessary updates.

Disaster Recovery as-a-Service solution in our data-driven world.

In our digital world with no boarders, elements, variables and factors like: assets, environment, data, time, costs, operations, and information are more critical as, never seen before. 
This means that, organizations, enterprises and people, need a set of protections and guarantees susceptible to help them in real-time, to get a comprehensive mastery in their digital lives.
In this context, a Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution should help enterprise, people and SMB to inter alia: minimize recovery times, data loss, and associated downtime costs. 
A disaster recovery solution that works across multiple computing environments (on-premises, public cloud and managed cloud), can deliver cost savings, automation and self-service user experience, is recommended.
Collaboration in this field brings more flexibility, productivity, security and agility, as it is also called tosupport replication, recovery and automated failover/failback on-premises, managed cloud, private cloud or in …