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Securing data while in use also leads us to understand that…

As you know, Enterprise data is already secure when at rest with disk encryption and in motion through VPNs, but recalls that, it is henceforth also vital Securing data while in use. In this momentum, always:
Protect computer screens against data leakage and insider threats while enabling employees to work normally,
Limit the visibility of enterprise data to only authorized users, and prevent unauthorized leakage,
Actively protect the screen and produces an audit trail showing proof-of-compliance,
It is also critical to bolster compliance, security and privacy against insider threats, like the real-time ability to detect and alerts the user whenever eavesdroppers try to read the display.

Adopt digital at an enterprise-wide level, also means:

At we continue working to assess your readiness for digital transformation, and to improve your productivity.
In this perspective, recalls that, when it comes to adopt digital at an enterprise-wide level, it is indispensable to assess your needs, develop digital plans and timelines, and implement digital solutions that meet your business goals.
A digital transformation needs to be aimed at increasing revenue, not just increasing efficiencies. Henceforth advanced analytics based on Bigdata help you in real-time to streamline your digital transformation.

Visibility, Protection and Control against DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks escalate and evolve rapidly. This daunting situation is not acceptable for the digital economy where downtime can produce chaos.
Therefore recalls that, Visibility, Protection and Control Against DDoS Attacks also means:
robust and responsive network, providing real-time mitigation to ensure service availability ,
Real-time protection against DDoS attacks,
Real-time mitigation for full visibility and control over your network traffic,
no longer experience the latency and downtime due to DDoS when accessing the mission-critical platforms, eliminate issues due to DDoS attacks,
Inspect traffic, detect threats and automatically mitigate DDoS attacks targeting the protected network resources,
Deploy centralized or distributed DDoS attack protection solutions via purpose-built network security appliances that can provide advanced Layer 3-7 DDoS threat protection.
It also means: provide modern, real-time DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities that incorporate b…

Security Updates for Node.js and io.js

Image recalls that, networking applications using Node.js or io.js contain a vulnerability in the V8 JavaScript engine. Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to cause a denial-of-service condition. Available updates include: node.js-v0.12.6io.js-v2.2.3io.js-v1.8.3Therefore, encourages users and administrators to review Node.js Blogpost for v0.12.6 and io.js ChangeLogs for v2.3.3 and v1.8.3 and apply the update.