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Showing posts from June 8, 2016

Symantec on its New IoT Solution to Help Carmakers Protect Against Zero Day Attacks

Connected automobiles steadily influence our living and working conditions with conveniences such as navigation, remote roadside assistance and mobile internet hot spots.
Symantec wants to streamline each experience when it comes to cybersecurity by introducing Symantec Anomaly Detection for Automotive to protect against zero-day attacks , provide the crucial ability to identify issues for early remediation. 
Symantec Anomaly Detection for Automotive uses machine learning with the goal to provide passive in-vehicle security analytics that monitor all Controller Area Network (CAN) bus traffic without disrupting vehicle operations, learn what normal behavior is and flag anomalous activity that may indicate an attack.
The solution can work with virtually any automotive make and model.

Datos IO + DataStax Partner to Deliver Scale-Out Data Protection for Next-Generation Applications and Apache Cassandra

Data recovery, protection and management, high-value, fast performance applications on Apache Cassandra, and data governance are at the core of the stakes with this Partnership that can offer Datos IO RecoverX™ as scalable and reliable recovery software solution to advance Apache Cassandra adoption across enterprise applications.

CloudBees on Its Enterprise Continuous Delivery Platform Integrated with Microsoft Azure

The game-changer here is the ability to enable DevOps teams to accelerate the build, test and deployment of applications.The immediate availability of the CloudBees Jenkins Platform in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace enables DevOps teams to host continuous delivery (CD) processes in their existing Microsoft Azure environment. 
Availability of a pre-configured CloudBees Jenkins Platform for Azure enables enterprises to deploy CD environments in minutes.

Rapid Development and Deployment of B2B eCommerce in the Cloud

Speed, customization, flexibility and performance are at the core of stakes when it comes to eCommerce in the Cloud.
Forrester Consulting revealed that, modern developers who work with B2B eCommerce solutions now favor cloud-hosted PaaS, rather than on-premises or SaaS solutions, due in large part to their ability for speed and customization.
Based on this set of realities, Four51announced the launch of eCommerce Accelerators, now generally available as part of the OrderCloud platform. 
Businesses using OrderCloudAccelerators can choose from a proven set of components to develop and deploy custom eCommerce and order management applications to the cloud as much as three-times faster than via other industry solutions.

The availability of S_Backhaul 2.0, a wireless connectivity tool addressing the challenges of Small Cell backhaul deployments and more

It is henceforth obvious that, densification and small cell deployments are disrupting the wireless market.
Performance, simplicity, security, accuracy and reliability are also at the core of this industry that is witnessing henceforth the availability of S_Backhaul 2.0., a wireless connectivity tool from SIRADEL addressing the challenges of Small Cell backhaul deployments (Line-Of-Sight, near Line-Of-Sight and Non-Line-Of-Sight) and Last Mile fiber extension as well as optimizing the design process of high-capacity Microwave links. One can note that, S_Backhaulcan offer an innovative set of features to simulate with maximum accuracy any backhaul technologies at various frequencies (sub6GHz, 6-42GHz and millimeter waves) and any link visibility (LOS, nLOS and NLOS) thanks to Volcano, the leading 3D-ray tracing propagation prediction tool. S_Backhaul enables network planners to manage and design all backhaul links within a single tool. 
S_Backhaul is powered by Smart City ExplorerTM, SIRA…

New Enterprise SaaS Platform for Creating, Delivering, and Managing Automated Responses on Messaging Platforms

While at its early stages, bot landscape in messaging platforms steadily drives amazing excitements within industries and brands when it comes to deliver deep customer interactions and to give consumers easier access to getting what they want in whatever channel they are. This trend can fundamentally transform and enhance the way brands deliver content and handle customer care in all channels.
Conversable’s enterprise platform for example allows for the creation of interactive, automated experiences on messaging and voice platforms. 
Wingstop is enhancing their customer experience by launching social ordering on Facebook and Twitter.

New SIOS iQ machine learning analytics software for VM environments

Performance issues, comprehensive analysis, capacity utilization, efficiency and information visualization are at the core of stakes with the newest release of SIOS iQmachine learning analytics software for VM environments. One can observe that, new SIOS iQ Release Adds SQL Sentry Integration, Powerful Information Visualization, and Performance Forecasting to Machine Learning Analytics Software. SIOS iQ with SQL Sentry Performance Advisor is bridging a critical gap between IT infrastructure administrators and SQL Server administrators.
‘’With the new release, SIOS iQ instantaneously correlates infrastructure behavior with the SQL Server performance issues identified by SQL Sentry Performance Advisor to immediately and accurately identify the layer causing the issue and to provide specific recommendations to IT administrators and database administrators to resolve the issue,” said Jerry Melnick, president and CEO, SIOS Technology.