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Open source Apache Hadoop platform: easing enterprise adoption also, means:

Nothing is exciting like visualize, analyze and share actionable insights from big data in our data-driven age. 
Hadoop is henceforth at the core of amazing transformations when it comes to provide the ability to bring together data, analytics and applications to deliver meaningful business outcomes for companies.
In this dynamic, easing enterprise adoption also, means: eliminating administration complexities, improving developer productivity, enhancing security and data governance, and delivering proactive cluster monitoring.
For informational purpose only, recalls that, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™) version 2.3, paves its way in this vertical. For a global hit and fit, feel free to submit your app and technology.

Achieve facts-based and data-driven decision making.

With, information transformation is not a huge and critical challenge for most organizations. With organizations across the world evolve from a classic data management approach to mastering a differentiated information value chain. Companies gain business leadership and competitive advantage.
In this momentum, recalls that, Achieve facts-based and data-driven decision making, effectively means: evolve to information transformation as a critical enabler of the digital transformation of your enterprise. 
It means: derive desired outcomes based on business-oriented organizational goals. It also means: help business and technology executives identify areas in need of enhancement in support of Digital transformation.
Six key areas of information transformation are a game-changer, including: Data Discovery Data quality, security, privacyValue Development Value Realization Knowledge and Collaboration Information Architecture Now, you can …

Monitor the end-to-end flow of data, also it means=

The data explosion that every industry can experience is exciting and full of unmatched opportunities and challenges. The ability to ensure the quality, security and privacy of the data, to make data quality easier to maintain and less costly, is a game-changer when it comes to capture and unlock actionable values.
Always consider data quality as a strategic step; while monitor the end-to-end flow of data, also it means= Real-time, end-to-end process level performance measurement and visibility across disparate systems and data silos Independent, automated controls integrated seamlessly into most IT infrastructures Automated reporting, reconciliation and controls across critical business processes Rapid ROI through the monetization of big data with purpose-built analytics Accurate, trustworthy data supporting risk management, data governance and compliance initiatives Each label on helps you in real-time to mature and streamline your digital e…

Boost for UK Big Data Research

It is more and more encouraging to see that, millions among you, use to mature their end-to-end digital strategy in our digital age.
A streamlined data-centric culture is henceforth at the core of economic growth and it disrupts all the stakes related to our data-driven age. 
Businesses and governments should develop a streamlined data-centric culture within their staffs and use it as a critical key to unlock value, performance and productivity. 
IBM is partnering with the UK government togather insights from data to generate economic growth encourages this initiative that will leverage the latest data-centric and cognitive computing technologies, the power of advanced computing to help businesses make the best use of Big Data to develop better products and greatly augment decision-making capabilities for business and government.

iOS 9 : here is what we can understand.

The mobile OS market has reached an advanced-level of maturity. Meaning that, major innovations will be more and more, rare, while developers will focus on services, data and security. 
Our mobile devices become increasingly intelligent, useful and a powerful bridge for our pleasures. 
iOS 9 which will be available this fall as a free software update, is on this line; bringing: ·New multitasking features designed specifically for iPad, ·a redesigned Notes app with new ways to capture ideas, ·Apple Pay™ with support for Discover, ·Battery optimization, ·Improved two-factor authentication. iOS 9 APIs and tools for developers include: extensible search that deep links directly to content within third-party apps; GameplayKit and Model I/O for building better games and ReplayKit for recording gameplay; new HomeKit profiles for motorized windows and shades, motion sensors and home security systems; wireless CarPlay™ and support for auto manufacturers to develop apps within Ca…