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Here is why World-Class Procurement Organizations Embrace Digital Transformation

At the core of stakes, we have: greater efficiency, effectiveness and higher ROI, agility, lower operating costs, and process optimization, to name a few.
In effect, from a real interest to standardize, simplify, and streamline their operations, I can observe that, world-class procurement organizations are focusing now, much more broadly on digital business opportunities to maintain their performance advantage.
World-class procurement organizations now have 18 percent lower operating costs than typical companies, and operate with 28 percent fewer staff, while generating more than twice the return on investment, according to new benchmark research from The Hackett Group, Inc. 
‘’They understand that cloud, mobile, and other digital business tools can allow them to truly transform the way procurement functions, including forecast and plan more accurately, collaborate with suppliers more effectively, and improve the experience for their customers,” said the Hackett Group Principal and Glob…

Database for integrating data from silos in today’s modern data environment

The requirements of today’s modern database are huge when it comes to process data, unlock actionable insights, and integrate data and build innovative applications on a 360-degree view of data.
In effect, Businesses today need a unified, actionable, 360 view of data in order to make better business decisions, get to market faster and reduce costs.
New generation databases are becoming the go-to alternative to relational databases and ETL solutions, helping organizations compete in today’s modern data environment.
NoSQL is experiencing an upward trend in the industry. For informational purpose only, player like MarkLogic as an interesting database for integrating data from silos can get data in and out easily without sacrificing enterprise-essential features like high availability and government-grade security. And with innovative features like integrated search, semantics, bi-temporal and tiered storage, the platform helps users accelerate their business-critical database applications.

The trend currently prevalent in the majority of the global companies when it comes to sensitive data, cloud adoption and data centers

It is increasingly clear that, companies globally are trying to understand on how to keep their data safe and at the same time use technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), cloud computing, Analytics, Big Data, etc., to stay ahead of competition
One can then observe that, global companies have taken the hybrid route, where they are keeping their sensitive data inside their own data centers and the rest of the data is kept in the public cloud. 
In fact, Companies can use their own data center or collocated space for storing the sensitive data and they can use a number of cloud providers for storing non-sensitive data. This trend is now prevalent in the majority of the global companies.