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Threat information that Australian organizations are facing, such as cyber espionage, cyber attacks… recalls that, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has released its 2015 Threat Report. This report provides threat information that Australian organizations are facing, such as cyber espionage, cyber attacks, and cyber crime. Mitigation and remediation steps are also included to assist organizations with preventing and responding to such threats.
For those who are unfamiliar, recalls that, ACSC is the government authority for providing protective security advice to the private sector and state and territory governments across the Australia’s national infrastructure.

More than $316M pour in the powerful internet-based services last week.

From fantasy sports and social media, and social media monitoring system, and marketplace for collectors to Cybersecurity, these kind of services are and more profitable and receive lot of funding from traditional ventures.Overall, can recall:
$32M/Series Afor IronNet Cybersecurity; that enables real-time visualization of a company's entire cyber infrastructure, using behavioral models and analytics, to detect anomalous activity. Investors include:Trident Capital Cybersecurity, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
$16M/Series Bfor Knip ; a Zurich-based digital insurance broker that lets users manage policies on mobile and makes it easy to understand existing insurance policies, tariffs and services. Investors include:Route 66 Ventures (Lead), QED Investors (Lead), Creathor Venture, Orange Growth Capital (OGC), and more.

$10M/Series Afor Zebit; a fully automated payment system that provides zero-interest credit to the 68 million Americans currnetly underserved by trad…

Provide a secure computing environment for today’s largest enterprises.

The ability for cyber criminals to successfully bypass traditional perimeter security and establish a foothold inside the network is henceforth daunting.
That means that, beyond the clear instauration of the culture of security within enterprises and other type of organizations, recommends more comprehensive, tailored, seamless, agile, cost-efficient and scalable solutions. 
Lancope & Cisco Partnership is encouraging; so Lancope’s StealthWatch System and Cisco routers and switches aims to transform the network into a sensor to detect sophisticated cyber-attacks anywhere on the network without the high cost of deploying expensive probes.