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Website development in our digital-driven world.

Challenges, threats and requirements related to the website development are more and more complex, various and sophisticated. This shift is driven by our growing excitements for the mobility; security threats and business stakes.
To deal with this trend, developers and businesses should appropriate the culture of encryption and the two-factor authentication mechanism, and combine cross-platform and the multi-screen stakes.
In fact, businesses must keep in mind that more and more users are accessing the internet by using their mobile devices. Therefore, to optimize the responsiveness of a website, the developers have to choose adaptable features.
The infinite scrolling feature can also be used by the websites that frequently update their information and content. This feature can encourage visitors to read the information posted on each page of the website without spending much time.
Relevant Content is indispensable when it comes to keep a visitor engaged by providing the information he i…

Cognitive technologies, capabilities and applications in our digital-driven world.

More and more, companies, organizations and executives are making high-stakes decisions, to deal with data, uncertainties, risks, productivity, security and performance.
In this momentum, the Cognitive environments and tools can help transform industries and professions; deeply understand critical data from multiples sources; can speed access to business insights, enhance strategic decision-making and drive productivity.
Cognitive tools is also designed to collaborate with human experts in more natural ways, learn through interactions, and enable individuals and teams to make better decisions.
Cognitive environment use advanced visualization and navigation techniques, leverage sophisticated models of human characteristics, preferences and biases that may be present in the decision-making process.
Cognitive technologies can quickly help by analyzing hundreds of thousands of files, , folds, papers and reports, prioritize and link that data to the specific decision at hand, and introduce new…

Collaboration across Dropbox and Microsoft Office on phones, tablets and the Web.

As you can see here with For Work at,  people, businesses and organizations need and deserve in real-time: intuitive, flexible and easier ways to create, share and collaborate regardless of their device or platform.
Thank to Dropbox Inc. and Microsoft Corp who are teaming up to integrate their services for collaboration across Dropbox and Microsoft Office on phones, tablets and the Web.
This means that, Dropbox and Microsoft users can and will Access Dropbox from Office apps; Edit Office files directly from Dropbox and sync them across devices and Share new or edited files from the Office apps using Dropbox sharing functionality.
These capabilities will be available to all Office users with a Dropbox account. Dropbox for Business customers will need an Office 365 subscription.

IBM and Repsol within Cognitive Technologies for Oil Industry Applications: stakes and trends.

With the Cognitive technologies, services and applications,, soon #Retinknow, talks about a whole world of new possibilities, where Oil and Gas industry for instance, can transform strategic decision making, develop new revenues streams, gain in productivity and performance, speed-time to markets, reduce risks, and uncertainty.
In our ever changing businescape, where efficient management of resources is paramount,, soon #Retinknow, salutes the research collaboration between IBM and Repsol which leverages cognitive computing capabilities to specifically help Repsol reduce inter alia: the risk and uncertainty of future oil field acquisitions and maximize the yield of existing oil fields.

Google Calendar charts its course with Assists and Schedule View in Calendar.

Beyond a list of dates and times, henceforth, a digital Calendar is your life, your photos; maps; cityscapes of travel destinations, and illustrations of everyday events. The goal with this new approach is to bring a little extra beauty to your day, enhance your productivity and performance.

Thanks to Google Calendar, who can now suggest titles, people and places as you type. When it comes to Schedule View, it now brings photos and maps of the places you’re going, cityscapes of travel destinations, and illustrations of everyday events like dinner, drinks and yoga.

Investments in new collaboration, communication and decision-making tools.

More than ever small and large businesses need flexible and productive collaboration, communication and decision-making tools to meet their commitments.
If until now, funding intended to collaboration software has been less visible, Slack, progressively seduces investors. Large competitors, such as Yammerand Convo, also pave their way, with a set of investments trying to develop these new collaboration, communication and decision-making tools.

Platform for Emergency Communication in our mobile-driven world.

In our challenging environment where data and threats proliferate, where every minute is critical, organizations, need: the most effective, simple and interactive notification system from anywhere, at any time, on any device. 
The stake is to help them engage in real-time, with large audiences using an intuitive interface that combines inter alia: voice, text, email, app push, social, and unlimited custom channels. Alert Media aims to be a game-changer  within this industry.