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Gain deeper insight into historical SCADA data in an automated and timely fashion.

Based on total respect of anonymity and privacy it is encouraging and exciting to note that none data remains and will remain locked , when it comes to help businesses and improve our living condition. 
In this momentum, welcomes the AISight for SCADA Portal that can offer access to deeper insight into historical SCADA data in an automated and timely fashion.
You can try out this technology with your own real-world data and see what anomalies AISight can be found. Users can upload data and view analysis reports directly from the BRS Labs Portal.
“The Portal receives data sets, makes sure they're valid, analyzes the data, and returns reports summarizing its findings’’; said Wesley Cobb, Chief Science Officer for BRS Labs. also recalls that for companies interested in real-time SCADA analysis, BRS Labs offers AISight for SCADA, a real-time, on-premise solution.

Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics.

Broader data management solutions for analytics, with features and functionality that meet existing and expecting enterprise data warehouse strategies, are always recommend by
Actian Corporation(SQL analytics for Hadoop), has been positioned by Gartner, Inc., in the Visionaries quadrant of the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytics published by analysts Mark A. Beyer and Roxane Edjlali. salutes this performance and encourages the company willingness to offer the highest performing most industrialized SQL-in-Hadoop platform with cooperative processing capabilities, and support for relational and non-relational data.

7 security compliance requirements in our data-driven world.

In a data-driven world where the mobility is a game-changer, where mobile workforce need to be more productive, businesses need to ensure their security infrastructure can secure corporate data, can mitigate, detect and defend against sophisticated cyber attacks, and can encrypt data in real-time.
Meaning that the following security compliance requirements including: Consolidated Management and Compliance Reporting; Easy Setup and Deployment;Greater Flexibility; Simple to Use; Greater Agility; Scalability and Greater Seamless, are critical.

The Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite (DDP | ESS).

The most exciting with this solution, is its focusing on threat protection, authentication and data encryption with a single management console in an integrated, easy-to-deploy solution. With this solution businesses of all sizes can mitigate malware attacks targeting workforce devices, can secure data and meet compliance requirements. 
The Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite (DDP | ESS) is available as a stand-alone software offering for both Dell and non-Dell hardware, and as an integrated offering with Dell commercial laptops, desktops and tablets.

Windows vulnerabilities as part of the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2015.

Image recalls that Microsoft has released updates to address Windows vulnerabilities as part of the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2015. These vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution, spoofing, security feature bypass, denial of service, elevation of privilege, or disclosure of information.
Therefore, encourages users and administrators to review Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary MS15-MAR and apply the necessary updates.

Banking App for Apple Watch: Citibank paves its way.

Wearable devices represent henceforth an important point of data, susceptible to improve our living conditions, enhance our access to services and to help us generate new revenue streams.
Apple Watch unveiled officially this week, already drives excitements. In this momentum,Citi will launch a banking app designed for Apple Watch™ when Apple brings the device to market in the U.S. on April 24, 2015.
The Citi Mobile® Lite app will enable Citi U.S. debit and credit card customers to view account balances and recent transactions and to receive real-time notifications of credit card transactions at a glance right on their wrist with Apple Watch or iPhone.

Make your app offline-enabled.

In our digital-driven world where a downtime could be disastrous, reveals the general availability of the Mobile Services iOS 2.0 SDK. Updated quickstarts in the Azure portal make it easier to use the feature. The iOS quickstart is henceforth offline-enabled, along with those for Windows, Xamarin iOS, and Xamarin Android.
Meaning that, when your app is in offline mode, users can still create and modify data, which will be saved to a local store. When the app is back online, it can synchronize local changes with the Mobile Services backend. 
The Mobile Services iOS 2.0 SDKalso includes support for detecting conflicts when the same record is changed on both the client and the backend. recalls that, if you’re already using Azure Mobile Services, you can make your app offline-enabled by following these tutorials: Get started with offline data sync in Mobile ServicesHandle conflicts with offline data sync