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Here is why IBM supercomputers have taken the top three spots on the latest Graph500 list.

The list captured by Connectikpeople has been released today during the Supercomputing Conference (SC’13) in Denver, Colorado. The biannual list ranks high-performance computing systems on the basis of processing massive amounts of Big Data. This rank consolidates the IBM commitment to make its supercomputers essentials in terms of the processing massive amounts of Big Data, cost-effective and

Bitcoin Trends: Poland’s digital currency exchange has been hacked.

As you can observe, the Bitcoin trend generates lot of excitements and also creates lots fears among its users. Among the fears, Poland’s digital currency exchange has been hacked and its customers’ bitcoin and litecoin wallets have been emptied.
Connectikpeople captured the statement published on its website; the platform said it decided to temporarily suspend all activities until the matter is resolved. Founded in 2013, this company has not disclosed the amount of digital

Here is why Cisco Opens Cisco Support Center in Mexico City.

The final goal here is to offer support to Spanish-speaking Cisco customers within the region. In fact Connectikpeople can observe that, with this center which leverages on Cisco’s Global Site Strategy, it will support local and regional operations and create capacity to service its customers in the Spanish language. According to Cisco, the center will supplement other Cisco Support Centers based in

Dear professionals, Toshiba Unveils Pocket-Size Excite® 7 Android Tablet

We talk about the Seven-Inch Tablet Powered by Android 4.2.2, Jelly Bean Harnesses Web Browsing, Gaming and Multitasking into Compact and Affordable Device. With this new product demonstrates its deep interest for mobile devices. The Pocket-Size Excite® 7 Android Tablet weighs a mere 12.4 ounces and measures in at

The next generation Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor ("Knights Landing").

During the Supercomputing Conference in Denver, Intel discussed form factors and memory configuration details; and Connectikpeople has discovered that the new design will be based on the leading edge 14nm manufacturing technology and will be available as a host CPU with high-bandwidth memory on a processor package. Bringing many-core CPU, Intel announced that, it will be more easily programmable for developers and improve performance by removing "off-loading" to PCIe devices, and increase cost effectiveness by reducing the number of components compared to

Here is AdaCore University a free, web-based resource center for the Ada programming language.

For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that Ada is a state-of-the-art programming language designed for large, long-lived applications where safety, security, and reliability are critical. Captured by Connectikpeople, the new website offers pre-recorded courses and other learning materials on Ada, with access to AdaCore’s GNAT Ada toolset for writing and running example programs. It also utilizes the latest in website design and learning tool features. This means, students at all levels of experience and expertise can begin

The new Huawei Global Finance Centre of Excellence in London: stakes and opportunities.

With this new tool, Huawei can now manage its global finance risks and ensure that the company's financial operations continue to operate at low risk and the highest international standards with high efficiency. Connectikpeople has also observed that, Huawei announced as part of the company’s larger commitment to the country, in which its investment and procurement will be GBP £1.3 billion by 2017, the newly established Global Finance Centre of Excellence is part of Huawei’s overall global finance department and will focus on risk assessment across five key areas:

Demand for Future Scientists, Entrepreneurs and Innovators: Cisco and The New York Academy of Science Grow Global STEM Alliance.

We talk about The Global STEM Alliance, this means: curriculum resources, inter-generational mentorship and access to cutting-edge science and technology research to students around the world. Henceforth it is official; Ciscoand the New York Academy of Sciences announced two new partners, the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina and the State University of New York (SUNY) will join The Global STEM Alliance.  Connectikpeople recalls that the country of Malaysia and The City of Barcelona were the first to join the Alliance in October at the Internet of Things (IoT) World Forum in

Chers e-commerçants, voici un Livre Blanc gratuit sur les bonnes pratiques du Click to Chat & Click to Call.

Pour ceux qui découvrent pour la première fois le Click to Chat & Click to Call, Connectikpeople rappelle que c’est une approche humaine développée par iAdvize, qui se traduit par un service de chat commercial et convivial. En l’intégrant à votre site, il vous permet de dialoguer en direct avec vos clients. Dans un élan marketing et pédagogique, iAdvize spécialisée dans la e-relation client en temps réel a publié un Livre Blanc gratuit sur les bonnes pratiques du Click to Chat &

‘La plus grande éolienne offshore au monde se trouve au large des côtes belges’.

Il s’agit d’une nouvelle génération éolienne offshore : la génération Haliade™ 150 - 6MW, chez le français Alstom. Situé aularge des côtes d’Ostende sur le site de Belwind en Belgique, cette installation est présentée comme de la plus grande éolienne jamais installée en mer. Connectikpeople à capturé un rotor de plus de 150 mètres (avec des pales de 73,50 mètres), un rendement de 15% supérieur à celui des éoliennes offshores existantes,

AdaCore Released Major New Version of GNAT Programming Studio: stakes and opportunities.

Dear professionals we talk about Ada, a state-of-the-art programming language designed for large, long-lived applications where safety, security, and reliability are

Vermont Technical College’s Lunar CubeSat launched to test the systems that will be used for the eventual lunar mission.

Here we talk about the NASA-sponsored satellite from Vermont Technical College uses GNAT Pro and SPARK. In fact today, AdaCore and Altran announced a new space application for the GNAT Pro technology and SPARK language toolset, with the successful launch of Vermont Technical College’s Lunar CubeSat. Connectikpeople has discovered that, the tiny satellite, measuring only 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm and weighing 1.1 kg, was launched into a 500 km earth orbit, where it will remain for about three years to test the systems that will be used for the eventual lunar

Supercomputing and Big Data Analytics: Intel Corporation unveiled innovations in HPC and announced new software tools.

According to Intel Corporation, the final goal here is to help propel businesses and researchers to generate greater insights from their data and solve their most vital business and scientific challenges. In the same dynamic, Connectikpeople recalls that during the Supercomputing Conference (SC’13), Intel presented how the next generation Intel Xeon Phi product (codenamed “Knights Landing”), available as a host processor, will fit into standard rack architectures and run applications entirely natively instead of requiring data to be offloaded to the coprocessor. According to Intel, this will significantly reduce programming complexity and eliminate “offloading” of the data, thus improving performance and decreasing latencies caused by memory, PCIe and networking. Connectikpeople has also observed that: ·The Knights Landing will offer developers three memory options to optimize

Here why and how IBM Partners with the UICC to Use Big Data to Build Cancer Registries in Developing Nations.

Here we talk about cancer prevention and treatment. This is henceforth official; IBM is working with the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to create one of the world's largest and most comprehensive clinical dataset on cancer patients by building cancer registries in developing nations. The goal behind this objective is to facilitate the discovery of cancer and the delivery of treatment with positive outcomes, regardless of geography. In this dynamic, governments are encouraged via registries (incidence and mortality data) to implement policies for cancer control. Connectikpeople has also observed that, clinicians will receive information about patient outcomes to help identify tailored