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The open source StreamSets Data Collector software in our data-driven age.

The access to actionable insights in real-time is at the hearth of stakes when it comes to help businesses accelerate data analysis and decision-making. StreamSets bets on its technology to automate data movement in order to give data scientists and analysts continuous access to big data.
The open source StreamSets Data Collector software can support data-intensive applications that rely on several disparate sources of real-time, streaming and batch data from both machine-generated feeds and transactional enterprise systems.

Improve the way you respond to reports about vulnerabilities in your software.

In our digital age bugs and vulnerabilities in software represent a critical risk like cyberattacks , more and more legion and come from anywhere (internal and external). Meaning inter alia that, you need streamlined approaches in vulnerability coordination to improve the security and mitigate threats.
For informational purpose, recalls that, companies can use the Vulnerability Coordination Maturity Model (VCMM) to learn what the best practices are for vulnerability response, measure how they compare to others, and take actions that will help them address issues before bad actors can exploit them.

Spark alongside other resources you have available in your Hadoop clusters.

At we are very excited about tailored skills needed to integrate Spark more easily into Hadoop environments. Spark continues to grow in popularity and is on encouraging curve to fully replace MapReduce.
Henceforth developers, analysts, companies and data scientists have to integrate this reality working inter alia with the most popular open source standards, including: Spark, Apache Hive, Impala, Apache Sqoop, and Apache Flume, as well as advanced topics including Spark Streaming, Apache Kafka and Apache Solr.
For informational purpose only, recalls that Cloudera is offering multiple paths of learning and certification (Spark training) including: Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop I | Developer Training for Spark and Hadoop II: Advanced Techniques; Data Science at Scale with Spark and Hadoop.

Azure for platforms like Cloudera Enterprise in our data-driven age.

Connected world means data-driven age with endless opportunities and challenges. One can also observe that, demand for scalable storage and compute, is driving data into the cloud. Businesses and organizations of all sizes are increasingly shifting big data workloads to public cloud and hybrid environments. salutes this momentum by encouraging solution providers and users to focus on product usability, agility, flexibility, productivity, performance and scalability.
Since September 24, 2015, Clouderaallows Microsoft Azure users to deploy Cloudera Enterprise, Data Hub Edition in the Azure Marketplace. 
Henceforth possibilities including core Hadoop components for unified storage and parallel processing and data discovery and advanced analytics are accessible.