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Updates to address a vulnerability in vCenter, vCloud Director, and Horizon View recalls that, VMware has released security updates to address a vulnerability in vCenter, vCloud Director, and Horizon View. Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow an attacker to obtain sensitive information.
Therefore, encourages users and administrators to review VMware Security Advisory VMSA-2015-0008 and apply the necessary updates.

Communication Service Provider B2B Data Services Market: Structured and Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Services, DaaS, and Telecom APIs

The rapid adoption of internet services and technologies is revolutionizing how enterprises generate new revenue models, reduce Ops costs, increase productivity, performance and innovate.
Communication Service Providers (CSP) for instance are facing profound changes to their business due to many factors including diminished margins on core services, competition from OTT players, and the need to integrate next generation technologies (such as SDN and NFV) to become more efficient. 
CSPs are faced with additional capital costs due to implementation of key initiatives such as Big Data Analytics and IoT. 
CSPs are seeking new revenue models based on leveraging their network and subscriber data assets. Telecom Data as a Service (TDaaS) is one of those new models in which CSPs offer Data as a Service (DaaS) to various third party business on an anonymized basis. For example, Verizon, Sprint, Telefonica and other carriers have partnered with firms including SAP, IBM, HP and AirSage to manage, p…

These innovative online-based services want to transform things in Africa

Certainly, youth in Africa don’t lack inspiration, exciting ideas; they are motivated and are progressively targeted and backed by VC, Angel investors and traditional investors. 
Today features: 
Bassita (; an Egyptian start-up that has developed the idea of “click funding”; where businesses can host their social, cultural or environmental projects and receive donations depending on whether the project reaches its objectives in terms of number of clicks or times shared on social networks.
The socially-responsible start-up upOwa ( is Cameroon-based Company that has developed an intelligent solar-powered solution that aims to provide electricity to rural areas of Western and Central Africa that have not yet been connected to the national electricity grids.
The Malian company myAgro / N’Ga Sene ( has developed a mobile application which can enable farmers to buy high-quality seeds and fertilizer, and to benefit from a range of…

Global Virtualization and Cloud Management Software Market

More and more organizations have streamlined great capabilities to focus on core business instead of infrastructures. The Cloud is at the center of this revolution delivering inter alia: performance, agility, scalability and security they need in real-time.  So, organizations are adopting cloud-based services and technologies for multiple reasons including: to reduce their infrastructural, operational costs, enable virtualization. Virtualized infrastructures are mostly adopted to reduce costs, improve performance and more. However, increased complexity of virtualized infrastructure, sometimes, lack of performance is reducing the adoption of cloud virtualization software. 
Revenue is generated from: Software licenses and subscriptions Software implementation costs Technical support Maintenance cost and professional servicesKey Vendors include : Amazon Web Services Citrix Systems Microsoft Red Hat VMware GoogleIBM

Law enforcement personnel and public officials may be at an increased risk of cyber attacks recalls that, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has issued an alert warning that law enforcement personnel and public officials may be at an increased risk of cyber attacks. 
In addition to doxing (the act of gathering and publishing individuals' personal information without permission), threat actors have been observed compromising the email accounts of officers and officials. These target groups should protect their online presence and exposure.
Therefore, encourages users to review the IC3 Alert for details and recommended security measures. Refer to US-CERT Tip ST06-003 for information on staying safe on social networking sites.

Global E-Marketer IT Spending: key trends, technologies, vendors, challenges and opportunities

It is exciting to see that, the rate of the Internet penetration around the world is booming. 3G, LTE, and 4G mobile networks lead this powerful momentum. 
So, our working, living and communication conditions are progressively improved while the access to knowledge is more and more streamlined. 

When it comes to e-marketing, it is henceforth obvious that, the high penetration of the Internet has led to increased investments in e-marketing.
This penetration enhances reach, flexibility, and accessibility to the target audience. In fact, the ability to customize ads as per the requirements of customers anywhere and anytime is a game changer.
Hubspot, IBM, Marketo, Microsoft, Oracle & Salesforce are dominating the market as key vendors; according to Researchand Markets. Software such as marketing automation tools, analytical tools such as web analytics, social media analytical tools, and mobile analytical tools are at the core of stakes when it comes to measure the ROI of their marketing i…