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Modèle économique des applications mobiles de messageries : enjeux, défis et acteurs clés.

Les applications mobiles de messageries rentrent dans ce que l’on appelle chez, bientôt Retinknow®, les 6 reliquaires (big data et l’analytique, les apps mobiles, l’Internet des Objets, les smart devices et objects, le cloud computing et les capteurs). C’est de quoi il est question désormais dans l’univers numérique. Lorsqu’il s’agit des applications mobiles de messageries, le monde est de plus en plus fasciné par ce que fait le chinois WeChat, Weixin (à l’intérieur de la chine), le Japonais Line, le Coréen Kakao Talk, l’américain Facebook Messenger et WhatsApp, sans oublier le japonais Viber et le canadien BlackberryMessenger. Toutes ces applications ont de centaines de millions d’utilisateurs chacune et WhatsApp récemment racheté par Facebook tire la course en tête avec plus 500 millions d’utilisateurs. La particularité de WhatsApp est qu’il est très populaire à travers le monde, mais ne domine aucun marché. Ce qu’il veut dire qu’elle souffre d’un problème fragmenta…

Internet of Vehicles (IoV) platforms: TransWiseway and IBM pave their way.

Internet of things, smart devices or objects, and sensors, Internet of Vehicles (IoV) platforms, we are, at the early stage of this industry. This trend means lot of opportunities and potentialities by applying analytics to data, with the goal to improve decision making, living conditions, and generate new sources of revenues. As a must-attend landmark for digital transformation, soon Retinknow®, hails the new collaboration spirit between IBM and Beijing TransWiseway Information Technology Co. Ltd., with the goal to build the largest connected vehicles platform in China. 
The cloud-based platform inter alia, will focus on in-vehicle services to mobile devices, such as weather advisories, traffic alerts and alternate route suggestions. When it comes to Internet of Vehicles (IoV) platform, soon Retinknow®, always recommends potentials users to focus on scalable, flexible, secure, agile and integrated platform which offers a seamless and comprehensive …

A new world of opportunities to improve data center performance and reduce energy consumption (white paper).

Nowadays, when it comes to data centers industry, progressively, we observe a lot of efforts from researchers to develop strong methodologies, approaches and models with the goal to secure, and improve data center performance and reduce energy consumption. This means, we talk about total IT load (the amount of energy servers and networking equipment are using at any time), we talk about PUE, a measure of energy efficiency, mechanical and cooling equipment and relevant installations, without forget the smart software. In our data-driven world, companies are obsessed with saving energy and by the smart infrastructures and cost-effective. As part of our global commitment as a must-attend landmark for digital transformation, soon Retinknow®, has captured for you a white paper (PDF) on how Google is using neural networks to optimize data center operations and drive energy use to new lows.
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