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Facebook comble son retard technologique sur la Reconnaissance Vocale via le rachat de Mobile Technologies.

Ce n’est plus un secret pour personne, du moins pour les plus avertis, la reconnaissance vocale joue et jouera un rôle important en ce qui concerne les échanges sur internet et sur mobile. J’utilise et j’utiliserai ma voie pour passer une commande, améliorer les

Warning: Microsoft has released updates to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and more.

As part of the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for August 2013, Microsoft has released today, updates to address vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Server Software. Connectikpeople has observed that, these vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution, elevation of privilege, denial of service, or information disclosure. Within these eight security updates, Connectikpeople has nabbed

Henceforth official, Logitech has announced End of $250 Million Share Buyback Program: stakes and opportunities

With this consolidated achievement Logitech International can now envision its future in serenity, in terms of investment and R&D. In fact since yesterday, the company has announced that on August 9, 2013, the Company’s $250 million share buyback program,

SanDisk enhanced its Solid State Drive (SSD) line-up for businesses.

ScanDisk, this time aims to bring stable performance inside the companies with its solid state drive (SSD) line-up for businesses. Henceforth, the SATA-based X210 SSD aims to be an ideal solution for IT decision-makers looking to maximize data center performance or enhance the responsiveness of PCs and notebooks. According to SanDisk, the X210 SSD is optimized for businesses

The Intel Education tablets with a 10-inch screen and 7-inch screen has been introduced.

In its commitment to develop tools, technologies, platforms and devices destined for the education, Intel has introduced today, the Intel Education designed to enable interactive, collaborative learning to prepare students for success in school and beyond. Connectikpeople has observed that, the tablet is fully equipped with

The New Blackberry 9720 unveiled today brings certain good news.

Despite the noxious ambiance inside the Canadian Group, this company progressively demonstrates that, it could adapt tothe changing times. With the new Blackberry 9720, we have no revolution, but the device has nothing to be ashamedofcompetitors in its range.
The Smartphone brings a classic design and is destined for Europe,

‘’IBM is the first company to receive privacy certification under the APEC CBPR system.”

Official since yesterday, this is a milestone achievement for IBM regarding data privacy management practices. For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople may recall that, the CBPR system was developed to provide a pragmatic and flexible

Yesterday, SAP announced a multi-year global relationship with the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA): stakes and opportunity.

With this announcement, we can observe that, SAP would like to demonstrate its longstanding commitment to the sport of tennis. In fact since yesterday, SAP and the WTA will collaborate with the goal to develop innovative technology and apps to further engage

Epson has unveiled the M-V340 IMU, for its inertial measurement unit (IMU) lineup.

Announced today, this new release aims to bring high performance without sacrificing size, weight and power consumption. This means, the M-V340 IMU as the latest addition to Epson’s IMU product family has been designed specifically for applications requiring high performance but also ultra-small size, weight and

Logitech announced the expansion of its keyboard lineup with the Logitech® Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820.

Announced today, this release represents a milestone for this company: Logitech Wireless All-in-One KeyboardTK 820 with a built-in touchpad lets you type and swipe comfortably together. Connectikpeople has observed that, the Logitech Wireless

Chromium and Google Web Vulnerability Reward Programs: three years after, what results and what next?

Launched in 2010 Chromium and Google Web Vulnerability Reward Programs, is a succeed for Google as a company and a succeed for security researchers because they have improved their knowledge and it is also a succeed for the users because they are better protect now.
Yesterday, Connectikpeople has received a post of Chris Evans and Adam Mein, Masters of Coin from Google. In this post we have

Microchip Technology expanded its programmable USB port power controller portfolio with the three-member UCS100X family.

Unveiled today, Connectikpeople has observed that, these new power controllers offer advanced USB-based charging capabilities for designing host devices, such as laptops, tablets, monitors, docking stations and printers; as well as dedicated AC-DC power-supply and charging products, such as wall adapters.
The UCS100X (UCS1001-3, UCS1001-4 and UCS1002-2) as an

Après 29 d’existence, BlackBerry est à vendre : comprendre le mécanise et les réalités de son nouveau statut.

La nouvelle est tombée aujourd’hui, la société canadienne fondée en 1984 s’est inscrit dans un nouveau processus qui devrait aboutir à :
• Possibilité de coentreprises,
• Les partenariats ou alliances stratégiques,
• la vente de la Société ou d'autres transactions possibles. Les problèmes du groupe sont connus depuis tout au moins deux ans : ·Effectifs pléthoriques