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The latest version of IBM Blockchain as Cloud Services on Secure Server

Performance, privacy and interoperability of blockchain ecosystems, IBMLinuxONE;ways to maximize the security and compliance of the technology for business-critical applications are at the core of stakes.  Currently in limited beta, these new secure cloud services to run blockchain in a production environment, can allow regulated industries to quickly and easily access a secure, partitioned blockchain network to deploy, test and run projects. The latest version of IBM Blockchain is now available through Bluemix.

U.S. Business Data Layer for Users of Salesforce

At the core of stakes, we have: invaluable data offering in everyday sales and marketing activities; up to date information on over 12 million U.S. 
businesses , Sales Volume ; Credit Rating & Information; Phone Number(s) ; Contact Information; Estimated Expenses; Business, to name a few.
In effect, the availability of the MapAnything U.S. Business Data Layer brings up powerful capabilities to sales professionals that can streamline their prospecting efforts and identify new accounts without leaving Salesforce. 
MapAnything™ provides mapping, schedule planning, route optimization, real time geo-location, territory management, geo-analytics and aims to give Salesforce users an interactive “Map-Centric” experience.