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Web data extraction to Help businesses unlock value and actionable insights

Data is the most critical asset in our connected world where vast amount of data from multiple sources is generated in real-time.
The web data extraction industry is a new way of extracting, processing, and delivering web data, with the goal to solving an increasingly urgent need for data-driven businesses around the world. 
Web data is becoming valuable and powerful; so that henceforth this data has to be easy, fast, or cost-effective to acquire or use. 
For those who are unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that, traditionally, getting this kind of data required businesses to manually create so-called “web scrapers” or subscribe to generic databases that were regularly incomplete or incorrect.
Henceforth bets on its Data Feeds and its ecosystem of partners to help businesses to harness the actionable insights from external web data; focus on data analysis and delivering valuable intelligence; extract valuable data from websites and automatically feed it into business software f…