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Mobile Video as the Future of Brand Marketing means…!

It is more and more exciting to observe how and at what pace, viewing video on smartphones is far less distractedthan it is on TV. The proliferation of mobile video consumption means inter alia that: Smartphones have become an integral part of people's lives; mobile is important as a main screen and online video may create new opportunities on mobile for brand marketing. 
Therefore,, soon #Retinknow encourages enterprises to think multi-screen, build for mobile and create in-the-moment experiences with mobile.

Our global Cyber Awareness System focuses now on all Microsoft Windows products and services.

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls that Microsoft has released a security advisory to provide recommended mitigations for an unpatched vulnerability, (CVE-2014-6352) which affects all Microsoft Windows releases except Windows Server 2003. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to take control of an affected system if a user opens a specially crafted Microsoft Office file., soon #Retinknow recommends users and administrators review the Microsoft Security Advisory and apply the recommended workarounds.

Our global Cyber Awareness System focuses on protection for Google Accounts.

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls that Google has released a new layer of protection for Google Accounts. Under the name of 2-Step Verification, this second factor aims to make it much harder for a hacker who has your password (don’t have your phone) to access your account.

Based on Security Key, a physical USB second factor that only works after verifying the login site is truly a Google website, not a fake site pretending to be Google.
It is exciting to observe that rather than typing a code, you can just insert Security Key into your computer’s USB port and tap it when prompted in Chrome. You sign into your Google Account using Chrome and Security Key.

Security Key and Chrome incorporate the open Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol from the FIDO Alliance. Available for Chrome OS, Windows, Mac OS or Linux,, soon #Retinknow encourages users and administrators to learn more here.

Mobility solution for enterprises and governments, means:…!

The productivity and performance expected from the deployments of mobility solution for enterprises and governments are more and more visible within a set of organizations and governments, who are experiencing this solution.
With the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)’s trend, we attend to the democratization of mobility within enterprises and governments., soon #Retinknow recommends a comprehensive, end-to-end secure mobility solutions portfolio consisting of a suite of collaboration applications, a secure mobility platform, mobile device management, unified monitoring, management and analytics, and a third-party application and partner ecosystem.

Build mobile and web apps that can store and sync data in real-time.

In our mobile-driven landscape where the cloud computing streamlines our digital experiences,,salutes the deep willingness of Google to transform how we build and manage mobile and web apps.
Firebase, is joining the Google Cloud Platform team, with the great purpose to make it very easy for developers to build mobile and web apps that store and sync data in real-time.

If unfamiliar,, soon #Retinknow, recalls that, with ,Firebase you can also easily build applications that work offline and Firebase has full-featured libraries for all major web and mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

At Google Cloud Platform Live on November 4, 2014, Google will demonstrate new Firebase features and integrations with Cloud Platform.

The advent of big data-driven subscriber-centric analytics for mobile operators: trends, stakes and recommendations.

At the mobile operators, the current major threat is the growing lowering of their traditional revenues pulled from Voice and SMS. This trend is global, as, multifunction messaging apps and social platforms become more and more popular.
This means that, every mobile operator needs to rethink its activities and services; mobile operators need to improve  their base marketing effectiveness and to harness the unmatched opportunities provided by the emerging technologies. 
Among these emerging technologies Big Data/Analytics can dramatically increases the opportunity for new revenues and streamline critical operations and processes. 
Mobile operators can also leverage big data/analytics for: segmentation, retention, and campaigns; better understanding of subscriber behavior; customized its offerings and improve in real-time the customer experience.

The Enterprise Sequencing Platform™ (ESP) for Comprehensive Sample-to-Answer Management of Genome Sequencing Data.

It is more and more exciting to observe that genomic sequence data help us to solve critical health problems or to improve our welfare. Thanks to Lab7 Systems, Inc., who works in real-time to democratize the adoption of genomic sequence data. Its new offering, Lab7 Enterprise Sequencing Platform (ESP), Targets all of the major stakeholders in the genomic data management and analysis process.
This integrated LIMS (laboratory information management system), analysis, and reporting platform, can lower the barriers to entry and to make the processing of genomic data more efficient. 
Scientists, lab personnel, bioinformaticians, and IT, can inter alia use this platform: to speed up scientific discoveries; meet regulatory standards for diagnostic purposes; create and manage entire sequencing workflows; track and manage all of the data associated with a genomic sequencing laboratory.