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Benefits of the emerging technologies solutions, when it comes to analyze, monitor and manage water distribution.

With a set of critical realities related to demographic and climate change, fresh water is more and more rare, and it become essential to conserve it, and distribute it rationally.
The emerging technologies like smart sensors, Cloud computing, Big data/ Analytics and Mobility, can help us in this quest with the ability to inter alia:
Monitor and flag irregularities in water usage;
Monitor and provide real-time visibility into water consumption;
Track the performance of water treatment facilities and the effectiveness of the water supply network;
Accurately track water consumption by consumers;
Tracking water meters across the city on consumption;
Reduce billing anomalies and improving revenue collection;
Dramatically reduce water waste, improve customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of maintenance and business operations;
Get a central dashboard where water usage can be effectively and predictively monitored and managed;
Respond in near real time to get the problem fixed;respond imm…

Improve Transport with Data, in our data-driven world.

Smart sensors and Big data/Analytics technologies already available, represent henceforth a powerful tools to help governments, City leaders and operators to apply the concept of smart cities and streamline the sustainable development.
Therefore, at, we consider that; improve Transport with Data, in our data-driven world, inter alia, means: 

Applying advanced and predictive analytics for people-centered, real-time and dynamic public transport incident management ;
Apply fusion analytics to create a state-of-the-art public transport system ;
A people-centered, intelligent and integrated public transport system designed to improve mobility and the liveability ;
Better crowd management and proactive information services ;
Use of data-driven analytic models that provide situational awareness, and actionable insights for mitigating the anticipated impact;
Enable the transport operators to better manage public transport incidents and special events.
Enable governments, City leade…

The new flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure in 2015.

The combination of the public and private cloud is more and more indispensable to bring peace in minds within companies, when it comes to enhance productivity and improve the security of data.
Therefore, at, we define the new flexible hybrid cloud infrastructure, as a resource that, inter alia, will enable companies to:   Expand the use of big data and analytics to drive decision making and amplify the creative process; Appropriate the culture of flexibility and of the end-to-end competitiveness;
To build the holistic presence in our mobile-driven world; Enhance their ability to more quickly deploy new products and services;
Foster greater horizontal communication and collaboration.