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The Internet of Thing (IoT) steady path within machine learning technologies

It is now obvious that, Solutions built on machine learning automate the IoT data modeling process, removing the labor-intensive and tortuous activities of model selection, coding, and validation.
According to Ryan Martin, Senior Analyst at ABI Research, the ‘write once, run anywhere’ mentality has already seen big buy-in from companies like Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft to make advanced analytics more accessible to a broader and more evenly-distributed workforce. 
‘’This will open the road for widespread adoption of machine learning,” predict the analyst.

Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft investing in the machine learning capabilities

It is interesting to observe that, major cloud-infrastructure providers are investing in the technologies to either acquire or build upon their own machine learning expertise. 
In effect, Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft can provide machine learning capabilities in a cloud-based delivery model, exploiting their own cloud infrastructures to offer APIs that developers can use to quickly and easily embed machine learning capabilities into their applications.

Managed security testing programs in our ever-connected digital world

The most exciting in this approach is to observe that, this subscription model offers significant budget flexibility. Managed testing programs are ideal for organizations without the security staff to determine testing priorities, document remediation requirements, and enforce policies.
This holistic approach gives companies increased elasticity of security spend and powerful testing on demand, including vulnerability assessment and management for the full lifecycle of application and network deployments; to name a few.

IBM X-Force Red in our ever-connected digital world

Computer networks, hardware, and software applications are at the core of stakes with the formation of IBM X-Force Red, a group of security professionals and ethical hackers whose goal is to help businesses discover vulnerabilities in their computer networks, hardware, and software applications before cybercriminals do. 
The team, part of IBM Security Services, will focus inter alia on: human security vulnerabilities in daily processes and procedures that attackers often use to circumvent security controls.
Penetration testing, ethical hacking, social engineering, and physical security testing drives the momentum; as IBM X-Force Red shares security intelligence with IBM X-Force Research, IBM X-Force Exchange threat sharing platform, and IBM Security AppScan.