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IBM’s SmartCloud for Government has achieved all the current critical security authorizations required by the government.

IBM multiplies and consolidates progressively its ambitions around the cloud technologies, standards and services.
In this dynamic, Connectikpeople can observe that, IBM aims to be the global leader in cloud with an unmatched portfolio of open cloud solutions that help clients build, rent or tap into cloud capabilities securely. IBM announces more than 100 cloud SaaS solutions, 37,000 experts with deep industry knowledge helping clients transform, and a network of more than 25 global cloud delivery centers. Most recently IBM acquired SoftLayer with more than 21,000 clients in 140 countries to further build out its IaaS portfolio with an easy and secure on-ramp

Voici la vue d’ensemble par Zone Géographique de la valeur de Lenovo sur le marché des PC, tablettes et Smartphones.

Après avoir découvert ensemble ce que vaut Lenovopour son troisième trimestre 2013, Connectikpeople a pu également observer par zone géographique que le chiffre d’affaires de Lenovo en Chine s’élevait à 3,8 milliards USD au second trimestre d’exercice, en hausse de 1 % en glissement annuel, représentant 40 % du chiffre d’affaires mondial de la société. La croissance des revenus accrus de Lenovo en Chine a été renforcée par la solidité du secteur des smartphones et des tablettes, qui ont conjointement connu une

‘The Center for Tomography Research Laboratory (CTECH Labs) introduced the latest technology in brain scanning’

This was at the 6th International IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Conference on Neural Engineering at the Sheraton Hotel, San Diego, CA on November 7th at 3:00 PM PST, where Connectikpeople has observed that: ·The Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (or the ECVT) is billed as the first developed by CTECH Labs to enable 4D brain activity scanning,

Marché des PC, tablettes et Smartphones : ce que vaut Lenovo en octobre 2013.

Si les tablettes et Smartphones représentent la plupart de ses ventes, il reste aussi vrai que, la reprise du marché chinois permet à Lenovo de jouir de la position de numéro un des fabricants mondiaux de PC pour le deuxième trimestre avec 17,7 % de parts de marché. Son secret : les segments grand public et d’entrée de gamme, ainsi que les marchés émergents. Une stratégie avisé qui lui permet d’enregistrer de ventes record de 29 millions d’unités, 265 millions USD de revenus avant impôts, 220 millions USD de

25th annual Supercomputing 2013 (SC13): Molex Incorporated announced leading edge technologies for high-speed, high-density applications.

Here, we talk about optimal signal speed, design flexibility and scalability to propel next-generation system architectures. Therefore, at the 25th annual Supercomputing 2013 (SC13) international conference, November 18-21, Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO, the Molex SC13 exhibition booth 1141 will feature the latest high performance I/O

Have you ever hear about Green Button? Henceforth Fujitsu Laboratories brings new technologies.

If the access to the energy represents a real stake for everyone, this is also true that, the ability to use this energy efficiently, remains the way forward. For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that, Green Button, is a ‘White House inspired idea to give all Americans access to their own energy usage information, by enabling both privacy control by utility customers and data integrity verification by service providers’. Green Button is supported by industry and government; it allows users to download their electricity usage data from utilities to manage their energy usage and also share this data with third-party service providers offering new online

‘Based on 2Q-2013 year financial results, China Mobile snagged the top position for most profitable mobile carrier’.

These data of ABI Research, captured by Connectikpeople demonstrate that the Chinese market rapidly gains in maturity. In this dynamic, we can observe that, based on 2Q-2013 year financial results, ‘China Mobile snagged the top position for most profitable mobile carrier’ followed by Verizon Wireless and AT&T respectively; the fourth and fifth positions were taken by European carriers with global operations,