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Red Hat focuses now on More Secure Containers with New Scanning Capability

In our ever-connected world where containers move from experiment to enterprise-reality, it is clear that, security is at the core of stakes. 
Based on this reality, Red Hatand its partners enable now users to more easily see what’s running inside their containers and whether the latest security updates have been applied.
In fact, Red Hat, Inc. has launched a new container scanning interface to enable security partners to easily plug into Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

CloudBees + Red Hat to Deliver Enterprise-Class DevOps Solutions for Red Hat Platforms

Agility, DevOps culture, continuous delivery, container technology, microservices and cloud environments, enterprise-class scalability, security and manageability is at the center of stakes.
The CloudBees Jenkins Platform now supports integrations with both Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP)and Red Hat OpenShift across the software delivery pipeline, enabling developers to build, test and deploy applications using Red Hat OpenShift and run on JBoss EAP 7.

Open and enterprise-ready SQL in Hadoop solutions: new Actian VectorH 5.0 paves its way

When it comes to SQL in Hadoop solutions including inter alia Apache Hive, Cloudera Impala, Apache Spark SQL and Apache HAWQ, the competition is huge and very aggressive at the core of powerful stakes; because the ability to easily ingest information from different data sources and rapidly develop queries to make better business decisions is becoming increasingly important, particularly for those companies looking to respond to changes real-time or explore machine-learning.
The latest version of the Actian Vector in Hadoop (VectorH) database, generally available at the end of July can deliver end-to-end scalable performance.
Integration with Spark aims to make it easier for users to leverage data in different formats and from different sources.
Actian VectorH 5.0 integrates with the latest Hadoop distributions from MapR, Cloudera and Hortonworks, and can be deployed both on premise and in the cloud. 
Actian can provide users with the flexibility and support needed when integrating with o…

API for the Development of Wearable Emergency Alert Solutions

Now, the release of the React Mobile API provides the development community at large with access to React Mobile features and data. 
In effect, using the new API, developers building wearables, apps and other platforms can leverage the ReactMobile safety platform and add widespread SOS alerting capabilities to their products.

Mojo Networks on its new EdTech WiFi solutions

Our ever-connected world also means the growth of the digital classroom and connected devices: smartphones, tablets, notebooks, AV equipment; reliable connectivity and high-performance.
Based on this reality ,Mojo aims to bring performance and security together, with the lowest-priced, best-value WiFi solution.
Its newest, the C-130, versatile 802.11ac Wave 2 access point with a 2x2 third radio can deliver fast, reliable, feature-rich and secure connectivity.
School districts and campuses will be able to centrally manage all locations and devices from an easy-to-use dashboard with Mojo’s cloud-managed WiFi solution. Mojo Navigator provides data analytics and insights to solve current and future connectivity issues. And it can all be done on-the-go with Mojo Nano.