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Warnings: potential scams and malwares with US Tax Season.

Image has captured the Internal Revenue Service advisory on its website warning consumers about potential scams. Tax season phishing campaigns may include, but are not limited to: Information that refers to a tax refund,Warnings about unreported or under-reported income,Offers to assist in filing for a refund, orLinks to counterfeit e-file websites. These messages, which can appear to be from the IRS, may ask users to submit personal information via email, or include links to sites that request personal

Test et Analyse des performances des applications mobile : un tour d’horizon et ce que vaut réellement Apple via TestFlight.

Comme vous pouvez le constater, Apple est essentiellement une compagnie concentrée sur le Hardware, et ses revenus depuis tout au moins 2007 le démontrent. iPhone est son produit phare, l’iPad, l’iPod, et les Macbook accompagnent la cadence.
Sa boutique d’applications itunes, optimisée pour ses hardwares (l’iPad, l’iPod, et les Macbook) a généré environ 10 milliards de dollars de chiffre d’affaires en 2013. Tant qu’iPhone reste une icône, Apple peut se permettre de maintenir son iOS fermé, et une stratégie selfish. Mais pour combien de temps encore, puisqu’on connait déjà le sort et la nouvelle orientation réservé à Blackberry. Apple doit donc faire attention, car il s’adresse principalement au grand public. La compagnie doit penser solidement aux services et au Cross-Platform. La prolifération des smartphones et usages ne tournent pas en sa faveur. iMessage se porte bien et cela doit être une source d’inspiration pour Apple à la suite de l’échec retentissant de son service de cartograp…

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP): the real value of Cisco.

The field of malware detection and protection is progressively complex, in terms of relevant methodologies and approaches (mathematical, behavioral or signature models  ), to implement. The battle is interminable. Because, the malware practices gain in sophistication every day. Meaning that, we need continuous R&D activities. But, as forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, our role is also to praise those who work to secure on-premise and online platforms. We observe that, Cisco is deploying encouraging efforts to improve its Content Security Portfolio of products. The SAN Francisco based company has added its Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), originally developed by Sourcefire, into its Content Security Portfolio of products, including Web and Email Security Appliances and Cloud Web Security Service.

Real-time operational intelligence for mobile and fixed line voice services: NetScout Systems paves its way with nGeniusONE platform.

If it is obvious that, Operators are facing increasing pressure to deliver high quality services because poor performance impacts customer satisfaction and increases the risk of churn, it is also true that, Operators need actionable insights into both performance and usage to support real-time performance management and identify trends that can lead to revenue expansion opportunities. At NetScout Systems, this reality represents the focal point of their work, vision and efforts. Our interest for the 2014 World Mobile Congress drove us to discover that, NetScout Systems is extending its nGeniusONE™ Unified Performance Management platform to service providers, bringing improved-data-analysis capabilities. If unfamiliar, recalls that, the nGeniusONE platform aims to provide comprehensive support for mobile and fixed line voice services, including Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE), Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Voice over IP (VoIP) and legacy circuit…

La tendance très haut-débit sur mobile avec la 4 G LTE dans le monde : enjeux et opportunités.

Chez, nous sommes très contents d’observer et d’analyser les avancées années-sur-années du très haut-débit sur mobile avec la norme LTE FDD et TDD. Félicitation aux américains, japonais, Sud Coréen et Chinois qui tirent cette croissance positive. Le top 3 des opérateurs LTE intègre : Verizon Wireless, AT&T et NTT Docomo. Ce pendant, plus de la moitié des réseaux commerciaux mobiles dans le monde restent encore sous la 2G et 3G. Ce qui n’est pas catastrophique, puisque la 3G génère déjà de magnifiques opportunités pour les opérateurs, les éditeurs de contenus, d’applications et beaucoup de services à valeur ajoutée pour lesutilisateurs. Tout de même, les choses avancent avec l'attribution de nouvelles bandes de fréquences aux opérateurs mobiles, avec une accélération en Europe et en Chine. La 5G est en discussion en Corée du Sud. Mais est frustré d’observer qu’en France par exemple, les opérateurs au mépris de la régulation vendent du vent et …

Making Sense of Data: Google brings to you free online course.

As you can observe, as a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, at, we love talking about Data and analytics, we also love sharing our vision about data, and how data can improve our living conditions, health, business and our environment. We suggest: don’t be selfish! Always share, share your knowledge. Now we talk about the Google free online course. From March 18 - April 4, 2014, via, you can discover tools and techniques to structure, visualize, and analyze information. observes that, Making Sense of Data is intended for anybody who works with data on a daily basis, such as students, teachers, journalists, and small business owners, and who wants to learn more about how to apply that information to practical problems. We suggest: don’t be selfish! Always share,

Detect software components with known high-risk vulnerabilities: Veracode paves its way.

Image talks about software composition analysis (SCA) with application security analysis in a unified, cloud-based platform. Ever more, observes that, organizations, developers lead their application development with third-party commercial or open source components. This approach includes lots benefits in terms

Funding: SpareFoot, d.light, and Shape Security can now accelerate product development and commercial expansion.

If unfamiliar, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of funding, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this is an instrument for them to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund their projects.
SpareFoot(Founded in 2008, Austin-based self-storage marketplace), has raised $10 million in a new funding, from Insight Venture Partners. This free online marketplace lets users find and reserve storage units in the U.S. and provides a platform for local storage facilities to list rates and availability. SpareFoot has raised about $6 million to date and will use the new funds to expand engineering teams and

Solutions to manage privileged users: Dell paves its way with the new Dell One Identity.

If sometimes the security threats are exaggerated, it is also obvious that, security threats become ever more sophisticated. Meaning that, we needed to implement new levels of protection against data breaches by including a longer term and mathematical approaches. Today, as a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, has captured the release of a new solution that extends Dell One Identity to govern privileged users who have the most powerful access to an organization’s most critical systems and information.
This solution aims to enable organizations close security gaps and to streamline provisioning and access governance for all users, regardless of their role or level of

Data-Driven Security Solution to Help Companies Detect, Take Action and Prevent Cyber-threats: Aggari paves its way.

We talk about email cyber-threats, to observe that our email inboxes progressively draw lots of attackers. This approach is billed as, a shortcut for the hackers to tap into our privacy and sensitive data. As a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, praises the overall efforts of Agari to provide email ecosystem discovery, cyber-threat detection and prevention, threat and infrastructure monitoring, alerting, and actionable remediation