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The Lux iPhone 6 Secure, a 256 bit encrypted phone in our data-driven world.

To help presidents, government officials, celebrities, and corporate executives worldwide and more,  deal with their privacy and security, our nowadays data-driven world, requires an untraceable communication, encrypted calls with no communication record; Custom hardware and software is installed; a network of global servers, to name a few. 
At Brikk, they have developed theLux iPhone 6 Secure who can make encrypted calls with no communication record. 
Provided by security firm Kryptall, it brings Custom hardware and software, and the company behind promises that, all calls made from the phone are routed through a network of global servers, physically located in more than ten countries around the world where telephone interception and wire tapping is illegal. 
The Lux iPhone 6 Secure is available in standard versions (starting at $4,995), 24k gold or 950 platinum plated versions (starting at $9,995), or diamond versions (starting at $13,895). All models are packaged in a custom Brikk box…

Artificial Intelligence Platform and autonomic and cognitive solutions in our digital-driven world.

In our digital-driven where the business landscape is more and more disruptive and challenging, automate your key business processes across a range of business functions,  to augment human capabilities and productivity is critical and henceforth indispensable for every enterprises and government organization. salutes the new relationship between Accenture and IPsoft, a provider of autonomic and cognitive solutions.
The new rapprochement focuses on new cognitive computing capabilities and advantages.
Accenture is now working with IPsoft’s Amelia, a new artificial intelligence platform that can make it possible to automate and augment business processes across a broad range of functions.
‘This can enable companies to build more efficient workforces who use cognitive “aids” to improve customer service, client service delivery, workforce productivity, and the ability to manage ever-growing amounts of data’.
In our disruptive and transformational, world, the ability to pro…

‘Get rewards for the things you know about the cloud and learn the things you don’t’

It is obvious that it will be more and more exciting to witness and experience in 2015 and over how the cloud computing as the emerging, increases our productivity, performance, security and the end-to-end competitiveness.
A set of companies and professionals has already spanned number of reluctances, fears and misinformation related to this emerging technology and now, they can streamline their critical operations.
Expectations are high, and thanks to , who aims to be the hub for all things cloud related. 
At, also available via, we can also describe this as: a fun way to flex your cloud skills; get certifications that can help you grow professionally; Challenge yourself; Get recognized ; Expand your influence; Get vExpert status ; mostly improve your knowledge.