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Showing posts from July 27, 2013

New Google AdWords: you can now better understand your Quality Score and run more effective AdWords campaign.

Despite the fact that, it is very difficult to determine the real intention of Google behind this new update, Connectikpeople can observed that, henceforth you can improve the quality of your ads. In fact, Google has announced that this update changes how each

MTN bolsters its leadership structures within Group: Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa subsidiaries are also involved.

Rendered official at the beginning of this week, these new appointments are a kind of promotion for these top professionals. In this dynamic, Connectikpeople has observed that, Michael Ikpoki, currently the CEO of MTN Ghana is the new CEO of MTN Nigeria. Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of MTN SA,

Résultats Samsung second trimestre2013: 61% du chiffre d’affaires généré par l’activité mobile.

Plus que jamais la division mobile du Coréen en pleine forme entermes de ventes de productions et de recherche et développement pour constituer à lui seule près 61 % du chiffre d’affaires du groupe. Pour le second trimestre fiscal 2013, Connectikpeople a observé

Oracle today announced the latest releases to its Oracle Java Embedded product portfolio.

With this new release, Oracle marks its profound interest regarding the internet of things by growing Java capabilities for Internet of Things. This means, henceforth users can decrease time to market, manage

Now My TWC™ App 4.0 lets you Troubleshoot Equipment, Receive Service Alerts and More.

Time Warner Cable continues slowly but surely the improvements of its services. Since yesterday, the company has released the latest version of its My TWC™ App(4.0). The new version aims to provide greater convenience and

Velodyne presents its latest range of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) equipped with real-time, 3D LiDAR sensors.

It was during the Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition (sUSB Expo) today in San Francisco, Velodyne’s Wolfgang Juchmann has showcased the advantages of its compact and

New Yahoo's Fantasy Sports iOS app brings a redesign interface.

Following the acquisition of Bignoggins earlier this month, Yahoo! is deeply committed to boost its Fantasy Sports app. In this dynamic, Connectikpeople Yahoo's Fantasy Sports aims to