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Rihanna sex video event scam spreads on Facebook: Threats and advice

Phusion Passenger 4.0 Release Candidate henceforth available: Stakes around changes.

Les grandes tendances du Mobile World Congress 2013 de Barcelone en Espagne. : catalogue, confection, gestion et expédition des cadeaux au Cameroun.

Facebook updates its custom audiences Tool to allow businesses to work with select third parties in USA.

Amazon Web Service and Windows Server ‘‘easier’’ for customers to analyze and troubleshoot.

The convertible furniture piece: for compact spaces, instantly transforming from 3 person sofa to 6 person dining table.

Make files searchable in Google Drive: Stakes around the content of less common or custom file types.

The versatile sailboat : un concept de voilier polyvalent qui imite efficacement le règne animal

Intel announces a New Distribution for Apache Hadoop Software.

The Smart TV Concept: WiFi, gesture control, currency conversion, weather report and much more