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A breach of sensitive patient identification information affecting approximately 4.5 million patients.

Image soon #Retinknow Cyber Awareness System, is aware of a breach of sensitive patient identification information affecting approximately 4.5 million patients and customers of Community Health Systems, Inc. As part of DHS, US-CERT is working together with the FBI and the Department of Health and Human Services to assist in sharing specific vulnerabilities and mitigations with the healthcare industry to prevent additional breaches from occurring. Therefore, soon #Retinknow recommends that individuals who suspect they may have been victimized as a result of this breach report any incidents to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center. Tips and advice to stay safe online can be found at STOP. THINK. CONNECT.

Les recommandations de à Viettel Cameroun.

Le 18 septembre 2014, devrait marquer un tournent crucial dans l’histoire des télécommunications au Cameroun. Viettel Cameroun, sous un nom commercial pour sa filiale locale devrait être opérationnel., bientôt #Retinknow, profite de cette occasion pour rappeler, à ce nouveau venu dans la sphère télécommunications au Cameroun, que les télécommunications subissent très rapidement des transformations spectaculaire avec la nouvelle convergence informatique.
Comme vous pouvez l’observer ici, les revenus traditionnels (voix, SMS, MMS), baissent de manière spectaculaire, pendant que les services data montent en flèche au niveau mondiale.
Ce changement s’explique par la montée en puissance de la consommation de la vidéo sur mobile (streaming vidéo, audio, la vidéo-à-la-demande) et les média sociaux. Ce qui veut dire que les opérateurs mobiles investissent et vont investir lourdement dans les infrastructures réseaux, pour les optimiser notamment la 3G et la 4GLTE.
Les revenus tr…

A big data, analytics platform that provides a multi-dimensional vision of which applications, services and devices users prefer: the real value of Empirix.

In our mobile-driven world, networks providers, mobile operators, contact centers need to master complexities and optimize their business processes, reduce their operational costs, maximize customer retention and grow top-line revenue. This challenge is crucial and the power of the big data and cloud technologies and methodologies, henceforth help these network actors to improve their operations. This means the end-to-end network performance visibility with the ability to analyze customer behaviors by application in real time, are a key.
Empirix has decided to acquire real-time analytics solution company Verios Software & Systems., soon #Retinknow, salutes this vision which can lead to the creation of a solid service operation center management (SOC) solution that aims to analyze and troubleshoot wireless network customer experience from their end-user devices to the core network in real time.
In our digital-driven world, people are more and more exigent. This mea…

Shift from (SMS and MMS) to over-the-top (OTT) applications (such as Weibo, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and more): stakes, threats, and recommendations.

It is henceforth obvious and clear; the proliferation of the 3G and 4G LTE infrastructures and technologies drives the high consumption of mobile videos, social media and the new IT convergence. This trend is global, meaning that, traditional mobile services revenue such as voice and SMS decline, while mobile data consumption continues to climb rapidly.
In this context,, reminds that, shift from traditional data platforms (Voice, SMS and MMS) to over-the-top (OTT) applications ( Facebook, weibo, YouTube, Skype, WhatsApp and more), is a very challenging situation for mobile operators who need to build up a sustainable strategy to capture the great benefits of this trend. Not only through higher data bundles, but create new streams of revenue growth by creating new business and deliver new customer experiences. 
Increased opportunities from businesses that are using mobile devices for specialized applications are unmatched. 
Mobile operator should remind that, investment…

Open platform for the smart home and the consumer Internet of Things: recommendations and the real value of Samsung.

With the flexibility and the technologies offered by the new IT Convergence, the smart home hype wins in power and developers and devices makers continues to unlock the limitless possibilities of the consumer Internet of Things.
When it comes to the smart home, if unfamiliar,, soon #Retinknow®, talks about appliance (combination of software and hardware), we talk about the ability to remotely: monitor, control, and automate your homes and desks from wherever you are, through a single mobile app.
SmartThings, is one of the key actors of this industry. Its cloud-based open platform supports about 1,000 devices and 8,000 apps created by its community of device makers, inventors, and developers. When it comes cloud-based open platform intended for the smart home,, soon #Retinknow®, always recommends a flexible, agile, scalable, comprehensive, seamless and end-to-end encrypted solution.
Henceforth, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and SmartThings, combines …

MTN Cameroon Mobile Surf Mini and Magic Voice were the main contributors to growth in data revenue.

Pending the launching of Viettel, owner of the 3G license, in September 18, 2014; MTN Cameroon continues to shake the telecommunication landscape in Cameroon. With about 10 million subscribers, a market share that points to 62,5%, MTN Cameroon has generated for the fiscal period ended in Jun 30, 2014, nearly + 9.2% in total revenue. When it comes to data revenue, it increased about 61,0% and contributed 7,8% to total revenue. Voice revenue increased nearly by 7,0% and traffic increased by 17,3% . MTN Cameroon announced 1, 4 million registered subscribers at the end of the period; with regard to MTN Mobile Money offering., soon #Retinknow®, recalls that, MTN Cameroon’s EBITDA margin decreased by 3,2 percentage points to 42,4%, excluding profit from the sale of towers. Capex amounted to Rand 373 million and the operation remains on track to the meet full-year guidance of Rand 697 million.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools: advices, solutions, stakes, advantages, opportunities, risks and recommendations.

Data, information, knowledge, patents are among our most critical assets. It could be: ·Product design documents, Source code, ·Process documentation, ·Financial documents, Employee details, ·Credit/Debit card numbers, ·Individual details, Bank statements and more. This means that, in our new IT Convergence-driven world, where: 1.attackers are more and more motivated, 2.the cyberattacks are more and more sophisticated and targeted, 3.where fraudulent link clicked due to a social engineering attack are among the most prevalent causes of accidental data leakage, 4.where careless behavior of employees increase,