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Mobile capabilities while traveling abroad.

Albeit, the accessibility costs remain high, it is good to encourage the expansion of roaming's networks and services observed across the world. Mobile operators multiply interoperability agreements and virtualized solutions gain in maturity providing, inter alia: productivity, performance, flexibility, security, high reliability and advanced functionalities professionals need.
Roaming markets demands grow, and the real stake is to deliver high-quality mobile experience and ensure that subscribers have access to the same advanced capabilities while traveling abroad., soon #Retinknow salutes the efforts deployed by NTT DOCOMO, who has implemented Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router to launch, new LTE roaming services.

A technology-intensive industry in our digital-driven world.

The world identifies one hand by the emerging countries and on the other hand by the mature economies. From one side to another, productivity, flexibility and performance are required when it comes to cope with new challenges related to sustainable development.
These critical factors of growth and the end-to-end competitiveness are henceforth provided by the new IT Convergence., reminds that, beyond the lack of real-time IT skills and poorer decision-making capabilities in emerging countries, their leapfrogging capabilities when it comes to harness and leverage the emerging technologies such as cloud computing, social media, Internet of Things and Big data/Analytics are remarkable and encouraging.
In the mature economies, time has come to speed up productivity and R&D; improve the security and streamline IT infrastructures. 
Therefore, a technology-intensive industry in our digital-driven world means inter alia: a positive economic environment and favorable investm…