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Ensure compliance with security standards and regulations across Drupal application and cloud hosting services.

As a site builder, developer or site Manager, it might be important for you to learn about the payoffs of Cloud Platform as a Service. Therefore, January 29, 2013, Acquia hosts a webinar under the theme: Ensure Security Compliance in the Cloud.

Amazon Web Service, new High Memory Cluster Eight Extra Large (cr1.8xlarge) instance type.

This new infrastructure is designed to host applications that have a huge need for compute power, memory, and network bandwidth such as in-memory databases, graph databases, and memory intensive HPC.

We have some majors  specs like:

Microsoft et son infrastructure pilotable via une interface unique : Enjeux et Opportunités.

Microsoft dévoile progressivement sa vison ‘’Cloud OS’’. L’approche ici, est celle qui consiste  à développer une interface uniquede gestion unifiée pour les ressources, serveurs et les terminaux client (Smartphones, tablettes).  Depuis une semaine presque on découvre donc progressivement à quoi ressemble réellement cette infrastructure avec les ajouts et améliorations de fonctionnalités.   

Experience Instagram on your Mac: Tool and Opportunity

Available since January 21, 2013, via launch price $1.99, Instalicious aims to be the elegant way to experience Instagram on your Mac.
Instalicious embeds a rich set of keyboard shortcuts; rich gesture based interface that allows you to more or less easily maneuver within the app. However, due to

New release of the LTSI 3.4 kernel from the Linux Foundation Consumer Electronics workgroup.

For those who unfamiliar,The LTSI tree is expected to be a usable base for the majority of embedded systems, as well as the base for ecosystem players (e.g., semiconductor vendors, set-vendors, software component vendors, distributors, and system/application framework providers). The LTSI project

Week-end of January 20, 2013, Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent : Stakes and Realties.

Only for informational and educational reference , not for encourage piracy.
Despite tracking, threats, sanctions, and lawsuits, we always noted the awesome  increase of  illegitimate downloads of  movies via BitTorrent.
This recent week (January 20, 2013) ,TorrentFreak has two newcomers in its chart: Silver Linings Playbook is the most downloaded movie.

New Update of iOS Twitter client Twitterrific: between new features, improvements and fixes.

Available since January 21, 2013, this version 5.0.2 has plenty of new improvements, bugs fixes and new features.Therefore, among the new majors features we have : Simplified reading mode for the in-app browser using Instapaper or Readability; Find tweets in all timelines via ‘History’ search