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Learn more about Programmatic Content Marketing Platform to Scale across Social, Native and Content Discovery Channels.

In our digital age, where data and mobility are at the core of stakes, wheremarketers want to execute effective content-driven brand experiences to the right audience efficiently and at scale, recalls that; a Programmatic Content Marketing Platform to Scale across Social, Native and Content Discovery Channels, should be inter alia:
A solution to efficiently target, distribute and optimize branded articles and videos to the right audience,
Process real-time contextual, audience, editorial and page-level behavioral data and optimize cross-device campaign delivery across social, native and display inventory,
Target, distribute and optimize a brand’s content marketing campaign across all digital channels and devices with programmatic technology in real-time,
The ability to analyze a full suite of data points like time spent, scroll depth, scroll rate, social shares and video plays to optimize each piece of content for optimal performance is also critical like the ability t…

Henceforth introduce security into your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) means:

We live henceforth in a digital age where cyberattacks represent a huge business and a strategic weapon. This means that, security has become one of the greatest concerns for companies, consumers and governments. 
Based on this reality, recalls that, henceforth introduce security into your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) means inter alia:
comprehensive solutions for application security testing and application layer attack prevention,
streamline automated static code analysis,
Provide businesses a better way to protect their data,
Identify, fix and block security vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications,
In fact, it is critical to scanning for security deficiencies in source code early in the software development lifecycle where it is most cost effective to apply fixes.
For informational purpose only, recalls that Checkmarxpaves its way in this vertical.

Affordable broadband services across the globe, at the core stakes last week with nearly $500M captured in funding.

The streamlined access to broadband services across the globe is a great concern within the digital industry. The stakes are huge beyond related challenges progressively overcame by groundbreaking technologies and projects.
Last week for instance, OneWeb, a London-based startup building a satellite system to provide affordable broadband services across the globe, raised $500M / Series A. The company will begin launching satellites in 2017 and plans to be providing Internet services by 2019.
Overall the digital economy has captured nearly $1.395B in funding.
$3.0M / Series A for Digital Genius that provides an artificially intelligent communication solution for large companies to engage with their customers on a personalized level. Investors include :RRE Ventures, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Metamorphic Ventures and others.
$9.0M / Series A for CropX ,an agriculture analytics company that helps farmers optimize irrigation and minimize water consumption. Launching today, CropX will use the fund…