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Make the most of network function virtualization (NFV) technology,

In our disruptive world, the real-time end-to-end visibility is critical when it comes to streamline your vital infrastructures, systems and processes. 
The network function virtualization (NFV) is a game-changer for communications service-providers (CSP) that can now increase service agility, network elasticity and scalability.
Make the most of network function virtualization (NFV) technology, also means:
Transition to NFV, application and network performance tools,
Help insure optimal performance maximizing the quality of their high-value,
Lowering capital and operating expenditures (CAPEX/OPEX) and reducing business risks.
The HP OpenNFV platform(The HP OpenNFV Application Partner Program) can provide resources to help accelerate the design, proof-of-concept, trial and deployment of new cloud-enabled network services and innovations.

Tackle today’s big data challenges, also leads to …

In our data-driven age, stakes and challenges around bigdata are huge, daunting and stunning, so that, tackle today’s big data challenges, also leads us to
Provide developers with technical assistance to enable them to develop high performance computing (HPC) applications,
Create opportunities for software designers to acquire advanced HPC skills and drive the development of new technologies,
Increasing computational performance while minimizing energy consumption,
Help scientists and engineers address complex challenges facing society in the fields using the most advanced HPC architectures and technologies
It is also indispensable to enabling collaborative development and opportunity within the industry. 
In collaboration with NVIDIA and Mellanox, IBM has announced the establishment of a POWER Acceleration and Design Center in Montpellier. salutes this alliance susceptible to advance the development of data-intensive research, industrial, and commercial applications.